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uOttawa Engineering is the one post-secondary institution that provides a complete design and startup ecosystem. As a student here you can expect to:

Learn from leading researchers in our world-class facilities, state-of-theart labs, and broad, interdisciplinary collaborations

Build your network through our extensive CO-OP program and our strong connections to industry

Turn your ideas into reality through our entrepreneurship and design ecosystem, which features advanced prototyping and manufacturing facilities, competitive teams, entrepreneurial competitions, start-up growth programs, and more.

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COOP: Build your network and gain experience

As an engineering or computer science student, you can benefit significantly from the CO-OP program:

  • Find work (96% faculty placement rate for 2019)*
  • Earn a salary while completing your program. On average, engineering students earn 18$/h during their first CO-OP work term, and 22$/h by their last CO-OP work term**
  • Find a public or private sector employer in Canada or even abroad
  • Build your professional skills and increase your knowledge
  • Network with valuable contacts who can help you kick-start your career

* Based on 2019 CO-OP data

** Based on summer 2019 CO-OP data

What our students have to say about their COOP experience!

Janie Amyot

  • Program: Chemical Engineering and BSc in Computing Technology (Environment Engineering Option)
  • CO-OP placement: Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Co-op student of the year award 2017

Janie Amyot is completing joint BASc in Chemical Engineering and BSc in Computing Technology degrees. As a fourth-year student, Janie was hired for a position at Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Her supervisor, Isabelle Tardif (regulatory analyst), greatly appreciated Janie’s "ability to achieve quality results through thoughtful reflection and her ability to work well independently.”

Janie is engaged and curious. Thanks to her consistently high grades, she has been on the Dean’s Honour List at the Faculty of Engineering for the past three years. She was also the recipient of a Faculty of Engineering memorial scholarship, recognizing high-achieving female students.

Sheldon Harrison

CO-OP student Sheldon Harrison (centre) with colleagues at Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd., Chiba, Japan.
  • Program: Mechanical Engineering
  • CO-OP placement: Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (Chiba, Japan)

"This company is very big here in Japan and is on the bleeding edge of technology. I’m an intern in the patterning and technology R&D department, where I’ve gotten to work in a bunch of different fields, like creating microscopic artificial organs. I have zero background in any kind of biology, so learning how to work in a sterilized environment and understand what a bunch of long bio words mean, all while trying to do my experiment correctly, was a huge challenge. I loved that, though.

Personally, I’ve learned how to deal with just about any kind of obstacle that pops up. Right now, I’m about as linguistically adept in Japanese as a two-year-old. I’ve even told my boss he looked very pretty thinking I was talking about the nice weather!

The best thing about CO-OP is how they help you do an international work term. I received guidance, funding (from the International Office and Faculty of Engineering, as well) and overall assistance to make this all possible.

This has definitely been the experience of a lifetime."

Alexander Cremer

  • Program: Mechanical Engineering
  • CO-OP placement: Tesla (California, United States)

"During the research for a placement in my 3rd year, I was offered an opportunity to work at Tesla in Fremont, California. I had never worked abroad before, so this was an exciting opportunity which ultimately turned into a fantastic work experience.

Working abroad is a great experience I encourage everyone to do. Many life lessons are learned living in a new city across the world. You will discover new cultures and learn how to adapt in a different environment. Being immersed in a foreign culture allows you to go outside of your comfort zone. It will give you a wider perspective on the world and will teach you what you really want in life. It also gives you the ability to see some of the country’s biggest attractions while working.

An exchange allows you to make connections across the world with others in your field. Creating connections gives you more opportunities in your future. Employers will recognize this experience and it will improve your future job options. To conclude, my time in San Francisco is something I will never forget, and something I encourage all students to pursue."

Andrés Marsik

  • Program: Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
  • CO-OP placement: Japan

As a Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Ottawa, I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of living in Japan. I did research and development within a Japanese company for 8 months as part of the Canada-Japan Co-op Program.

I was exposed to many research projects giving me the unique chance to explore my interests and discover new fields like regenerative medicine in which I hope to be involved later in my career. The biggest challenge of being abroad is at the same time its biggest reward: experiencing a new culture and opening your mind to a new language, a new way of doing things and most importantly to new people. It is scary to make the jump but I wholeheartedly push everyone to seek the opportunity of living abroad.

CEED: Be part of our maker and entrepreneur community

Develop your entrepreneurial and engineering design skills! The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design (CEED) offers you an exceptional engineering design and entrepreneurship education and experience.

CEED gives you access to:

Find out more about CEED

Beyond your studies

Competitive teams

Join a team and apply your classroom knowledge to fun and challenging real-world problems! As an engineering student, you can join one of our competitive teams, get involved in pre-professional competitions, and work on large-scale projects. These teams represent the University at diverse international competitions.

Group shot of Aerospace regular team

Aerospace regular (SAE Aero)

Gain hands on experience in the aerospace field. Develop a fundamental understanding of flight. Design and build a 10-foot RC aircraft.

Supermileage Electric 2019 team

Supermileage Electric

Develop and construct a single-person, energy-efficient vehicle and compete in the electric category.

uO Rocketry

Design, build and launch an experimental sounding rocket to 10,000 ft! Experiment with rocket engines, parachute concepts, avionic systems, ignition mechanisms, control schemas for both engine thrust throttling and air-braking.

Concrete Canoe

Design and build a concrete canoe that floats! Help us create the winning canoe!

formula 2019 team

Formula SAE

Design, develop and construct a single-seat racecar for the non-professional weekend autocross racer. Formula SAE strives to achieve the best overall design, construction, performance and cost.

Team member with GNCTG toboggan

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR)

This is the largest and oldest student engineering competition in Canada. Design and construct a metal frame toboggan, with a running surface made completely out of concrete, to race it down a steep snow-covered hill!

L'équipe de l'Atelier

Mentoring Centre: We’ll help you succeed!

The Workshop is an engineering and computer science mentoring centre; a free resource that supports students in their studies and in their transition to university life.

The mentors are third- and fourth-year students from the Faculty who offer a variety of services to help students fulfill their potential.

Find out more about The Workshop

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program scholarship

Interested in doing research during your studies? You can participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). You will work on a research project for a semester with a professor, gain hands-on experience and get a $1,000 scholarship!

Find out more about UROP

Our stories

David Long

Fourth year, Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2020

"My program has allowed me to turn my biomedical design ideas into reality with the resources at the Richard L’Abbé Makerspace and the Brunsfield Centre. I have been able to apply what I have learned and discovered in class towards everyday situations in the engineering industry."

Quinn Ingram

Fifth year, Biotechnology

"This program prepares students for jobs in growing industries such as biofuels, genetic engineering and new food processing techniques, giving them a deep understanding of scientific principles along with the skills of problem solving and ingenuity in engineering."

Anick St-Denis

Third year, Chemical Engineering

"My program allows me to work in an exciting field where I can use my knowledge and apply it to industry. I am learning in a stimulating environment both on the theoretical and practical level, which will definitely help me in my future career."

Jean-Christoph Costisella

Fourth year, Civil Engineering

"My program gave me the tools I needed to compete in the job market. The school environment was instrumental in my personal development and I made great friends along the way."

Caitlin Fischer

Computer Science
Class of 2019

"My first computer science course was memorable. Having never tried programming, I found the course, Introduction to Computing I, both interesting and intimidating; it was interesting because I had to think differently to solve problems and it was intimidating because almost every time I answered a question in class, I was wrong. Needless to say, I had to work hard to succeed in that course.

Fast forward a few years, and I am currently interning at Google for the second time. It is exciting to apply concepts I learned in courses like Introduction to Software Engineering as well as Data Structures and Algorithms to my internship. I am hopeful that in 2019, I will be able to return to Google for a third time.

I would encourage students to pursue studies in Computer Science. Although it is a challenging program, it is both fascinating and rewarding. With what you learn in your courses and during internships, you have the ability to help thousands (or even millions) of people."

Robert Conrad

Fourth year, Computer Engineering

"My degree has allowed me to learn and explore numerous computing systems from both a variety of software and hardware perspectives. I have been able to apply my class work in several ways, including robotics, app development and AI."

Marcel Turcotte

Marcel Turcotte

Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

"In order to stay relevant, you have to have a deep understanding of the theory behind algorithms; this is precisely the aim of our data science program. We have created the undergraduate program that we all would have taken."

Manit Ginoya

Fourth year, Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology

"My program has given me the relevant technical framework required to navigate numerous endeavors in engineering! Ultimately, it has encouraged the development of my ability to work with others on projects that involve systems optimization, robotic manipulation and many other things."

Marianne Lee

Third year, Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology

"As a person who enjoys doing hands-on work while also touching upon the management aspects of engineering, studying mechanical engineering is a perfect fit. I find myself using the technical knowledge and soft skills that I have gained almost every day, whether it be at work or in my daily life."

Madison Smrtka

Third year, Physics and Electrical Engineering

"What really makes this program special is the community of students around it. uOttawa Engineering students have created a family who seek to help each other succeed in life and in their academic field."

Bijan Samiee

Fourth year, Software Engineering

"Software Engineering is at the forefront of many industries leading the way into the future. This program teaches students many important elements, such as design of user interface, cloud and network. In addition, the CO-OP option provides me with real work experience, which is amazing."

Customize your studies

Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship option

The Engineering Management option will provide you with the necessary skills to pursue entrepreneurial activities and start your own technology-related business. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and the tools to develop your management skills. Students learn about product development, financing, marketing and building a business plan.

You can add this option to most engineering or computer science programs without adding any extra time to complete your degree.

Computing Technology - Earn 2 degrees in 5 years

In many industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction, the integration of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering is very high. Sensors, controllers and microprocessors are integrated into cars, airplanes, smart houses, and even smart roads; computing technologies are omnipresent! In a competitive job market, this option can make your resumé standout from the others.

You can add this option to most engineering or computer science programs.

This option is offered as a second degree. It consists of courses that are common to all programs as well as courses that can complement your specific engineering program.

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