Minor in Computer Science for Scientists | 2020-2021 Course Sequence

This program is designed to be combined with a major or honours with specialization in field of science.

List of courses (30 credits)

CSI 2101 | Discrete Structures
CSI 2110 | Data Structures and Algorithms
CSI 3105 | Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
ITI 1120 | Introduction to Computing I
ITI 1121 | Introduction to Computing II
  • Either:
    • MAT 1320 | Calculus I
    • MAT 1330 | Calculus for the Life Sciences I
  • Either:
    • MAT 1322 | Calculus II
    • MAT 1332 | Calculus for the Life Sciences II
MAT 1341 | Introduction to Linear Algebra
MAT 1348 | Discrete Mathematics for Computing
3 credits from CSI or SEG at the 2000, 3000, 4000 level

Consult the Undergraduate Studies Office in order to plan your course sequence.

The course sequence you need to follow is that of the term and the year you first joined your program. For example, if you were admitted into your program in the fall of 2021, you must follow the course sequence 2021-2022.

Undergraduate course offering:

  • Some courses are not offered at every term.
  • The programs are offered in English and in French for the first two years. Some 3rd and 4th year courses are not offered in French.
  • Courses with fewer than 10 registrants may be cancelled.

French Immersion Stream option: if you are in this option, consult the immersion requirements

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