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Cultivate your talents in innovative design with the right balance of theory and practice. Through our entrepreneurship and design ecosystem, you will have access to advanced prototyping and manufacturing facilities, competitive teams, entrepreneurial competitions, startup growth programs, and more.

Learn from leading researchers in our international-class facilities and build your network through our extensive cooperative program. Are you ready to design your future?

Programs and options

Customize your studies

All of our Engineering programs are accredited.


What is CO-OP?

Co-operative education at the University of Ottawa allows you to apply concepts learned in class during paid work terms. After about four years of study, you will have not only a diploma that indicates you participated in a CO-OP program, but also approximately 16 months of experience in your field of study and a network of valuable contacts. All of these factors will contribute to helping you find a job more easily after graduation.

Combine study and work experience

The University of Ottawa CO-OP program has been running for over 30 years. Now the second largest university program in Ontario and the fifth-largest in Canada, uOttawa CO-OP boasts a very high placement rate.

As a Faculty of Engineering student, you can benefit significantly from the CO-OP program:

  • Find work (96.1% Faculty of Engineering placement rate for 2018)
  • Find a public or private sector employer in Canada or even abroad
  • Build your professional skills and increase your knowledge
  • Network with valuable contacts who can help you kickstart your career
  • Benefit from a quality program that meets national criteria and standards and is approved by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education
  • Alternate between work and study terms. Start working in the summer of your second year and then alternate between four-month work and study terms. Eight- and twelve-month work terms are now also available.

CO-OP can be added to any of the undergraduate programs offered by the Faculty. Participation in the CO-OP program is mandatory for Software Engineering program students to help them develop practical and solution-driven thinking.

CO-OP at the Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship option

The Engineering Management option will provide you with the necessary skills to pursue entrepreneurial activities and start your own technology-related business. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and the tools to develop your management skills. Students learn about product development, financing, marketing and building a business plan.

You can add this option to most engineering or computer science programs without adding any extra time to complete your degree.

Computing Technology (BSc)

In many industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction, the integration of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering is very high. Sensors, controllers and microprocessors are integrated into cars, airplanes, smart houses, and even smart roads; computing technologies are omnipresent! In a competitive job market, this option can make your resumé standout from the others.

You can add this option to most engineering or computer science programs.

This option is offered as a second degree. It consists of courses that are common to all programs as well as courses that can complement your specific engineering program.

Degree-specific options

Some degrees offer unique degree-specific options. Discover our programs to see which ones are offered.


Study in English, French, or both

French Studies Bursary

The French Studies Bursary, a value of $1,000 per year, is automatically awarded to full-time students enrolled in a direct-entry faculty and in the French Immersion Studies or the Extended French Stream who are taking each term at least 2 courses (6 units) taught in French.

Study in a bilingual environment

As a bilingual institution, the University of Ottawa offers students the opportunity to study in English or in French (or both!) Enrol in the country’s largest bilingual engineering school.

French Immersion Stream

This option allows you to advance your knowledge of French while studying your preferred discipline. Improve your French-language skills and gain a clear advantage in the workplace by enrolling in the French Immersion Stream.

Note: All courses are offered in English and most courses are available in French.

Be a part of our entrepreneurial community

Entrepreneurship and design

As part of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design, our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem will provide you with the resources and the support you need at every stage in your start-up journey.

    Clubs and competitive teams

    Enhance your university experience by getting involved in competitive teams, design groups, student associations and more!

    Enrich your studies

    Access scholarships and bursaries

    Effort and excellence are recognized values. The Faculty offers a wide range of admission scholarships to encourage academic success.

    Take advantage of our mentoring centre

    The Workshop is an engineering and computer science mentoring centre, a free resource that supports students in their studies and in their transition to university life.

    Make your projects and activities a reality

    Funds to support your student projects and activities are now more available than ever thanks to the support of the Faculty and various funds.

    Try out research as an undergraduate student

    Explore cutting-edge research! Not only do you have the chance to gain relevant experience and get to know your professors and peers, but you will also be paid for your work.

    Continuing your studies

    Once you have completed your undergraduate program, you may want to consider pursuing your education at the graduate level. We offer a variety of top-quality masters and doctoral programs in various fields.

    Study, work or research abroad

    Are you interested in adding an international dimension to your program? Our University offers many international opportunities, allowing you to gain diverse experience.

    Study in Ottawa

    A growing tech sector with opportunities that complement your studies


    • #1 Most educated workforce in Canada
    • #1 Most technology intensive city in Canada
    • #1 Highest concentration of scientists and engineers in Canada, and #2 in North America after Silicon Valley
    • 44% of the population is bilingual
    • The region is recognized for excellence in research and innovation [3]


    • Ottawa offers access to a community of businesspeople, researchers and scholars, government officials and politicians as well as strong infrastructure support for applied research
    • 1,700+ knowledge-based companies with 68,000+ employees
    • 44+ national and academic research labs
    • 90% of Canada’s industrial telecommunications research and development is conducted in Ottawa
    • Over $4.7 billion invested in Ottawa technology companies in the last ten years


    • 7 Ski resorts
    • Top 5 – Home to one of the top five white water rafting spots in the world
    • 800 kilometres of bike paths
    • 430+ kilometres of cross-country ski trails
    • 7.8 kilometres of the world’s largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal, Ottawa’s very own UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • 250+ outdoor skating rinks
    • 14 national museums and 32 art galleries
    • 180 annual festivals and events
    • 4 public supervised beaches
    • 3 professional sports teams


    • #3 in quality of life for large cities in North America, 18th globally
    • Ottawa is the least expensive Canadian city included in the Mercer rankings
    • Population of 1.3M

    Degrees that pay off

    Benefit from a high employment rate

    Workopolis analyzed the job histories in their database to determine which fields of study lead to the biggest paycheques after graduation. The most lucrative fields of study for first jobs right now are computer science, engineering, law, math and health care.

    • 91.7% of uOttawa engineering and 100% of uOttawa computer science alumni find jobs in their field within two years of graduating[1].
    • “There is a large and growing need for employers to replace retiring engineers…. This is particularly true for civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers as well as computer engineers….Replacement demand for engineers is an important theme that will be relevant for the next decade as the baby boom generation retires[2].”

    Engineering graduates

    The average starting salary is $76,000.

    The most common jobs are the following:

    • Mechanical engineer – $73,000
    • Design engineer – $73,000
    • Project engineer – $75,000
    • Electrical engineer – $79,000
    • Software engineer – $80,000

    Computer Science graduates

    The average starting salary is $68,000.

    The most common first jobs include:

    • Web developer – $52,000
    • Software developer – $68,000
    • Business analyst – $74,000
    • Consultant – $74,000
    • Project manager – $75,000


    1. *uOttawa performance indicators

    2. Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025, Final Report 2015

    3. Invest Ottawa & the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

    4. mercer.com

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