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At the Faculty of Engineering, effort and excellence are recognized values. To encourage student academic success, the Faculty offers a range of admission scholarships.

Online Scholarships and Bursaries

To search for all scholarships and bursaries, application criteria or apply, use the Online Scholarships and Bursaries tool.

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Featured awards

Maker Awards

This award has been created to recognize a student with inspiring achievements in the fields of engineering, design and technology.

Claude Laguë Entrepreneurial Student of the Year Award

This award was created in honour of Dr. Claude Laguë for his remarkable contributions to the Faculty of Engineering, during his 10-year term as Dean.

Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Awards

The Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Office of Vice President Research (OVPR), offers five “Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Awards” to stimulate interest amongst women at the undergraduate level in engineering and computer science in research and graduate studies.

International Experience Scholarship

As a student of our faculty, you can apply for one of 20 International Experience annual scholarships for international activities, such as:

  • study and CO-OP terms
  • research internships
  • other international research activities

Each scholarship is worth up to $2,000!


  • November 1st for activities that start in the following Winter term
  • March 1st for activities that start in the following Summer term
  • July 1st for activities that start in the following Fall term

Learn more about the international experience scholarship 

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