Available funding for student initiatives

Want to participate in pre-professional design competitions? Develop your entrepreneurial spirit through entrepreneurship initiatives? Take part in conferences related to engineering or computer science? Create a new club? Organize a social gathering?

Funding for such student projects and initiatives is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the support of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Engineering Design, the Brunsfield Centre, the Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) and the Faculty of Engineering.

These funds aim to enhance the quality of the engineering students’ education and university experience. The intention is to meet this goal through student-focused projects and initiatives. These funds can be used by both, undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, to support any project or initiative which benefits the student body.

Stories of students who have benefited from the available funding

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race 2016

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is Canada’s largest engineering competition, and has been running annually for over forty years. In January 2016, the University of Ottawa will be hosting the event with over 400 participants—students from across the country, as well as a team from the United States.

The contestants are tasked with designing a toboggan whose running surface is made of concrete, has steering and braking systems, can sit five riders, and is under the set weight requirement.

The 10 members of the Organizing Committee are all determined to make this GNCTR the best one yet. In order to accomplish this, funding is a necessity. The funding from the Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) and from the Faculty has helped cover costs such as down payments on venues and hotels, as well as paying for flights for two members of the Organizing Committee to attend the GNCTR 2015 to gain experience.

The GNCTR is student-run, and is non-profit. Without the help of the EEF and the Faculty, it would be impossible for the Organizing Committee to host the event.

Ontario Engineering Competition

The Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) is an annual gathering of Ontario’s best and brightest students from universities across the province. After having won competitions at their respective universities, OEC competitors are challenged in the fields of innovation, design and communications to solve real-world problems.

The event takes place over three days and includes seven different competitions, as well as networking events and an awards gala. A panel of experienced industry and academic professionals judge the performance of the participants. Winners of the OEC then proceed to represent Ontario at the Canadian Engineering Competition.

This event is a great opportunity to meet Ontario’s emerging talent who will indeed make up tomorrow’s workforce. It is also a great platform to network with representatives from various institutions and industries.

The funding received from the Engineering Endowment Fund, the Faculty of Engineering and the Engineering Student Society, was used to fund 3 teams of 4 members. This funding helped cover the travel expenses and accommodations during the competition, as well as the registration fees.

Engineering graduates Wine and Cheese

The Engineering Wine and Cheese is a formal event where graduating engineering students can celebrate this important moment in their lives with family, friends, and professors. This event is open to the general public, in contrast to the Iron Ring Ceremony which is open only to ring holders and graduates.

The event itself consists of a two hour reception with drinks, food, and a jazz band.

The ESSAÉG holds the Wine and Cheese twice per academic year, in the fall and winter. This event is made possible from the support of the Faculty of Engineering and the EEF so that the graduates and their families can celebrate their accomplishments!

Application procedure

Applying for funding

Submit your Engineering Endowment Fund Application Form to the selection committee before the deadline:

  • Fall 2019 term : September 30th, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Winter 2020 term : February 3rd, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Spring 2020 term : May 31st, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Once the applications are received, you will be invited to give a formal presentation of your request to a joint committee that includes the EEF and the Faculty.

The committee is in charge of reviewing and evaluating each application, and of allocating the appropriate funds to each project. These results are sent to the Faculty Executive Committee for final approval.

The Faculty of Engineering and the Engineering Students’ Society strongly encourage you to apply for the available funding to students initiatives!

Applying to be on the committee

Submit your candidature via the Engineering Endowment Fund Committee application form.

  • For general inquiries about the committee or more information about other funds, please contact eefchair@gmail.com.
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