Engineering Endowment Fund

Want to participate in pre-professional design competitions? Develop your entrepreneurial spirit through entrepreneurship initiatives? Create a new club? Organize a social gathering?

Funding for such student projects and initiatives is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the support of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Engineering Design, the Brunsfield Centre, the Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF), and the Faculty of Engineering.

These funds can be used by both, undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, to support any project or initiative which benefits the student body.

Stories of students who have benefited from the available funding


uORocketry is a multidisciplinary student engineering team that builds rockets and incidentally advances several technologies through the meticulous combination of engineering practice and a rocket scientist’s audacity. We are in large part funded by our university and by extension, EEF. This fund gave uORocketry the seed money when sponsors were difficult to find. Today, the funds allow us to take on more challenging and exciting projects while supporting more students.

More stories about EEF

Aerospace team

Aerospace Team uOttawa provides undergraduate engineering students with hands on experience in the aerospace field. Since funding covers a considerable amount of the costs of the materials used to build the plane, our club and team would not be able to function or go to competitions without it.

Concrete Canoe (CNCCC)

Every year the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers hosts the CNCCC to challenge engineering students representing their universities from across the nation. Teams need to design and manufacture a canoe made of concrete that is capable of floating, able to hold up to four paddlers, and be race capable in a series of regattas, all while being fully submerged.

The funding has and continues to help us cover our transportation and accommodation costs at competitions. It also gives us the chance to buy specific materials that are essential to our canoe’s construction.

Mars Rover team

The University Rover Challenge is an annual event that is held in Utah, US. This competition allows teams from all over the world to compete against each other in 4 missions that simulate how a rover would work alongside Astronauts on the Martian surface.

As a new team planning to compete at the 2020 competition, EEF has played an important role in helping the team by providing the opportunity to some members to visit the 2019 competition as spectators. This allowed those members to observe other teams and learn what works, what doesn’t, as well as what the focuses of a new team should be. EEF has given the team a chance to make connections that are proving invaluable as we continue to develop our design for the 2020 competition


UOE Racing

UOE Racing is uOttawa’s forefront in electric car racing and we compete yearly at the Shell Eco-Marathon in the Prototype Electric category.

With the help of the EEF our team was able to complete all the projects we set out to do and built a competition-ready vehicle. Because our team designed and built all the parts, we had our hands full and it was a relief knowing the EEF was supporting us financially. Last year, we were able to compete in Sonoma and earned 4th place for efficiency out of 28 teams from all over North and South America. This year, with the help of the EEF, we have our sights set on 1st place.

Application procedure

Applying for funding

Submit your Engineering Endowment Fund Application Form to the selection committee before the deadline:

  • Fall 2020 term : September 30th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Winter 2021 term : February 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Spring 2021 term : May 31st, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Once the applications are received, you will be invited to give a formal presentation of your request to a joint committee that includes the EEF and the Faculty.

The committee is in charge of reviewing and evaluating each application, and of allocating the appropriate funds to each project. These results are sent to the Faculty Executive Committee for final approval.

The Faculty of Engineering and the Engineering Students’ Society strongly encourage you to apply for the available funding to students initiatives!

Applying to be on the committee

Submit your candidature via the Engineering Endowment Fund Committee application form.

  • For general inquiries about the committee or more information about other funds, please contact
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