Trevor Græme Wilkins


Trevor Græme Wilkins
Engineer Entrepreneur Executive in Residence

BSc Eng (Cranfield University)

Room: STE 4043
Office: 613 562-5800 ext. 2548
Cellular: 613 797-4239
Work E-mail:

Trevor Wilkins


Trevor is a Mechanical and IT engineer who has spent 26 years in the technology industry. He’s been the sales leader at a highly successful NASDAQ start-up, directed a global solutions channel, wrote navigation software for the America’s Cup, sold to the world’s largest banks and airlines, and was Managing Director of a company building internet collaboration software.

During this time, he observed and modelled how the “best of the best” in business influenced, spoke, acted and thought. He used this work to create a simple universal process that can be used by absolutely anyone to influence others to buy (or buy into) their ideas, services or products. This process is described in detail in his three “Turning Selling into Buying” books.

As Engineer Executive Entrepreneur (E³iR), Trevor lectures in classes ranging from Engineering Management to Entrepreneurship to Business Influence. He also teaches and coaches in a wide range of startup programmes, the largest being Startup Garage. He tweets @sellingtobuying about creating what others want, need and buy.

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