Arash Sahraei


Arash Sahraei
Adjunct Professor

PhD (University of Ottawa)
MSc (Iran)
BSc (Iran)

Office: 613-690-1116
Work E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Professor Arash Sahraei


Dr. Arash Sahraei (PhD, PEng) is an adjunct professor of structural engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Sahraei received his PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Ottawa in 2017. His doctoral research entitled “Advances in Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis of Beam-Columns and Plane Frames” was focused on developing multiple finite element formulations for lateral torsional buckling analysis of steel beams and plane frames. He was then awarded a CRD Post-Doctoral Fellowship defined as a joint project between the University of Ottawa and the S-Frame Software Inc. This collaboration (2018-2021) led to developing various elements and adding new features to the S-Frame and S-Steel software. As a structural engineer, Dr. Sahraei has over four years of experience in structural consulting firms in Ottawa. In 2018, he joined Adjeleian Allen Rubeli (AAR) and worked on modeling, analyzing, and designing of high-rise structures. In December 2019, Dr. Sahraei joined WSP Canada Inc. and since then, he has been working as a structural engineer on Canada’s largest project, Rehabilitation of Parliament of Canada, led by WSP.


Fields of Interest:

  • Computational Structural Mechanics 
  • Finite Element Modeling 
  • Buckling of Steel Members 
  • Structural Stability 
  • Structural Dynamics 
  • Earthquake Engineering


Selected Publications:

  1. Sahraei, A., Pezeshky, P., Rong, F., Sasibut, S., Mohareb, M., “Closed form solutions for shear deformable thin-walled beams including global and through-thickness warping effects”. Thin-Walled Structures, 158 (2021) 107190. 
  2. Pezeshky, P., Sahraei, A., Sasibut, S., Rong, F., Mohareb, M., “Generalization of the Vlasov theory for lateral torsional buckling analysis of built-up monosymmetric assemblies”. Engineering Structures, 221 (2020) 111055. 
  3. Pezeshky, P., Sahraei, A., Mohareb, M., “Distortional Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis of Beams with Overhangs”. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 145 (2019) 04018266. 
  4. Sahraei, A., Mohareb, M., “Lateral torsional buckling analysis of moment resisting plane frames”. Thin-Walled Structures, 134 (2019) 233-254. 
  5. Sahraei, A., Pezeshky, P., Mohareb, M., Doudak, G., “Simplified expressions for elastic lateral torsional buckling of wooden beams”. Engineering Structures, 174 (2018) 229-241. 
  6. Sahraei, A., M. Mohareb, “Upper and lower bound solutions for lateral-torsional buckling of doubly symmetric members”. Thin-Walled Structures, 102 (2016) 180-196. 
  7. Sahraei, A., Behnamfar, F., “A Drift Pushover Analysis Procedure for Estimating the Seismic Demands of Buildings”. Earthquake Spectra, 30 (2014) 1601-1618. 
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