Tad Murty


Tad Murty
Adjunct Professor

PH.D. (Chicago, USA)
M.S. (Chicago, USA)
M.Sc. (India)
B.Sc. (India)

Office: 613 562-5800 ext. 6976
Work E-mail: smurty@hotmail.com


Dr. Murty is an Adjunct Professor in the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa.  His main research interests include mathematical modeling of natural hazards, which include hurricanes, winter storms, storm surges, ocean waves, tides, coastal inundation, tsunamis, river floods, coastal erosion and sedimentation and how climate change affects these phenomena. 

He is one of the editors of the renown international scientific journal, Natural hazards, published by Springer in the Netherlands, Senior Associate editor of Marine Geodesy published by Taylor & Francis in New York and is on the editorial board of Science of Tsunami Hazards, published by the International tsunami Society in Honolulu.

He is the Vice-president of the International Tsunami Society and a member of the Expert Advisory Group of the Kalpasar Project (the largest civil engineering project ever in Indian history and among the largest in the world) in the state of Gujarat in India. He is a Visiting Scientist at the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of technology in New Delhi, India. 

He received numerous national and international awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Tsunami Society,  the Gold Medal in Oceanography from the Indian Geophysical Union,  Applied Oceanography Prize from the Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society, and the Professional Man of the Year Award from the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Since receiving the PH.D. from the University of Chicago, Dr. Murty served as Senior Research Scientist in the Canadian Federal Department of Fisheries & Oceans, as the Director of Australian National Tidal facility and Professor of Earth Sciences in Flinders University in Adelaide. Later he worked as a Senior Scientist with Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers in Ottawa, prior to joining the University of Ottawa as an Adjunct Professor.

Dr. Murty has some 20 books to his credit, as an author, co-author and editor and has published extensively in peer reviewed scientific journals.

He has been a co-supervisor for M.S. and PH.D. students in various universities worldwide.He served as a consultant to various United Nations Organizations and also as a resource person for various workshops worldwide. He also participated in scientific projects in several countries on all the continents.

Fields of Interest

  • Mathematical modelling of natural hazards
  • Climate change
  • Cyclones
  • Tsunamis
  • Storm surges
  • Coastal Zone Management
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