Reza Foruzanmehr


Reza Foruzanmehr
Assistant Professor

Room: CBY A022
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6269
Work E-mail:


Dr. Reza Foruzanmehr received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, Québec. After completing his doctoral studies in 2016, he joined the Centre for Innovation in Technological Ecodesign (CITÉ) in Granby, Québec, as a research coordinator.

Dr. Foruzanmehr joined the University of Ottawa in January 2018, where he teaches Civil Engineering materials-related courses and conducts research in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research interests centre on the development of sustainable building materials. His research currently focuses on surface and bulk modifications of natural fibers to improve their performance in polymeric and cementitious composites for building applications. Dr. Foruzanmehr believes that one of the feasible ways to achieve sustainable construction is to use building materials with less embodied energy. His research program aims to provide communities with sustainable and affordable housing through research on construction materials derived from local natural resources.

Fields of interest

  • Natural Fiber-reinforced Composites
  • Natural Fiber-reinforced Cementitious materials
  • Surface and bulk modifications of cellulosic materials
  • Sustainable Building Envelopes
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