Ronald Droste


Ronald Droste
Professor Emeritus

PhD (Windsor)
MASc (Windsor)

Room: CBY A-105
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 6139
Work E-mail:


Dr Ronald Droste was recently named Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE).. This honor is bestowed on Dr Droste by CSCE members to acknowledge his significant contributions to civil engineering and his leadership within the profession. Dr Droste is an emeritus professor in the department of Civil Engineering and has been a faculty member of this department since 1979 in the area of environmental engineering and also served as Department Chair. Professor Droste holds a BASc from the University of Notre Dame as well as MASc and PhD degrees from the University of Windsor.

His major research interests are in the areas of modelling water and wastewater treatment processes, watershed modeling and biological wastewater treatment. He has consulted for numerous Canadian and international firms as well as other agencies such as the World Bank, IDRC and CIDA.

Dr Droste's major research has focused on biological wastewater treatment and modelling of it. He has published over 160 refereed journal and conference papers, among other reports and conference presentations, and authored a patent that is now adopted by a commercial firm. Dr Droste served as president of the Canadian Association on Water Quality and consultant to domestic and international firms and organizations.

Dr Droste's most significant contribution is the undergraduate textbook Theory and Practice of Water and Wastewater Treatment and its solutions manual published in 1997. The book has been extensively used around the world; it was translated into Chinese and Korean. Dr Droste also served as editor and contributor to the monograph Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries as well as editor of two other monographs.

Professor Droste was awarded the 1975 Keefer Medal for the best paper on a civil engineering topic for his Master's work on urban storm water pollution. In 2005 Dr Droste received the CSCE's Albert E.Berry Medal for his significant contributions to the field of environmental engineering in Canada.

Fields of Interest

  • Water and wastewater treatment processes in modelling with a focus on biotreatment processes
  • Water supply and sanitation in developing countries and watershed modelling
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