Andrew Cornett


Andrew Cornett
Adjunct Professor

PhD – University of British Columbia
MASc. - University of British Columbia
BASc. – Queen’s University

Office: 613.993.6690
Work E-mail:


Dr. Andrew Cornett is a senior research engineer with Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Portfolio of the National Research Council of Canada, and is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Ottawa. As Leader of NRC’s Marine Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Research Program, Dr.Cornett leads a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and technologists conducting applied research and consultancy in the fields of coastal engineering, ocean engineering, water resources engineering, civil engineering hydraulics and water-driven renewable energy technologies. Dr. Cornett is a specialist in the application of physical hydraulic modelling, numerical modelling and engineering analysis to investigate and develop innovative solutions to a wide variety of problems in rivers, estuaries, oceans and coastal regions. He has contributed to the engineering design of many large international projects, including major ports, large offshore structures and extensive waterfront developments.

Fields of Interest

  • Coastal Engineering: metocean modelling, wave-structure interaction, coastal processes, design and performance of coastal structures
  • Port Engineering: moored-ship motions, design of ports and terminals, performance assessment
  • Marine Renewable Energy: wave, tidal and river hydrokinetic energy technologies, resource modelling and assessment
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