Kazimierz Adamowski


Kazimierz Adamowski
Adjunct Professor

B.Ing. (Varsovie, 1962)
M.Ing. (Varsovie, 1960)
Ph.D. (Guelph, 1969)

Room: CBY A027
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6053
Work E-mail: adamowsk@uOttawa.ca

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Dr. Adamowski joined the University of Ottawa in 1969, and retired as a Full Professor in 2004, where he is currently an Adjunct Professor. He has been a full-time and visiting Professor at many universities in Europe, the United States and Canada, and was a recipient of the Senior Industrial Fellowship.

He has published over 150 refereed journal papers and a chapter in a book. He developed a new method of Extreme Value Analysis, which was adopted for practical use by Environment Canada and the World Meteorological Organization.

Fields of Interest

  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Statistical and Stochastic Hydrology
  • Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Climate Change
  • Extreme Value Analysis
  • Forecasting.

Sample of publications:

[1] Adamowski, J., Adamowski, K., and Bougadis, J. 2010, Influence of trend on short duration design storms. Water Resources Management 24: 401-413.

[2] Adamowski, K., Prokoph, A., and Adamowski, J. 2009, Development of a newmethod of wavelet aided trend detection and estimation. Hydrological Processes 23: 2686-2696.

[3] Ehsanzadeh, E., and Adamowski, K. 2009, Trends in timing of low flows inCanada: Impact of autocorrelation and long term persistence. Hydrological Processes. 23: 1002- 1021.

[4] Adamowski, J., and Adamowski, K. 2008, Development of a real-time river flood forecasting transfer function-noise model with a Kalman filter for snowmelt driven floods. Journal of Environmental Hydrology. 16: 1-11.

[5] Adamowski, K., and Ehsanzadeh, E. 2007, Detection of trends in low flows. Canadian Water Resources Journal. 32: 251-264.

[6] Adamowski, K., and Bougadis, J. 2006, Scaling model of a rainfall intensity-duration-frequency relationship. Hydrological Processes. 20: 3747-3757.

[7] Bougadis, J., Adamowski, K., and Diduch, R. 2005, Short-term water demand forecasting. Hydrological Processes 19: 137-148.

[8] Adamowski, K., Prokoph, A., and Adamowski, J. 2010, Influence of the 11 year solar cycle on annual streamflow maxima in Canada. Journal of Hydrology.

[9] Adamowski, K., Prokoph A., and Adamowski, J., 2010, Assessing the impacts of the urban heat island effect on streamflow patterns in a large metropolitan area.Journal of Hydrology.

[10] Adamowski, K., Adamowski, J., and Prokoph A. 2010, Development of a Nonlinear Method for Detection of Early Warning Signs of Yearly Vernal Floods. Water Resources Research.

Book chapter:
[11] Adamowski, K. 2009, Guide to Hydrological Practices, Lead Author to write Chapter 5: “Extreme Value Analysis”. World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, WMO-No.168, p. II.5-1 to II.5-53.

Practical Applications:
[12] My “Nonparametric Frequency Analysis” method (which was first published in Water Resources Research, 1985, 21(11), pp.1585-1590) is an “Industry Standard Method” used worldwide (including the WMO). This method can be found in the “Consolidated Frequency Analysis (CFA) Computer Software Package” from Environment Canada. CFA has been applied to several hundred hydrometric sites in Canada and is currently widely used by government agencies and private industry. In addition, CFA has been distributed to individuals in over 15 countries.

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