Rami Abielmona


Rami Abielmona
Adjunct Professor

Room: STE 4047
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 2176
Work E-mail: rabielmo@uOttawa.ca

Rami Abielmona


Rami Abielmona received his B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, from the School of Information Technology and Engineering at the University of Ottawa, where he currently serves as an Assistant Professor. He is also the Vice President of Research & Engineering at Larus Technologies Corporation and is responsible for all research and development of AI/ML software, hardware, services, and products, as well as the management and direction of the research team. Larus is an Ottawa-based software product and research company with capabilities in developing intelligent systems and engineering simulations primarily for business, retail, supply chain, defence, and security applications.

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