Engineering Peer Connection Program

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What is it?

Peer Connect is a social integration program offered to all new and returning students at the Faculty of Engineering.

The Engineering Peer Connection Program is an opportunity for you to meet students, make new friends and socially interact with others. It is a volunteer-based program and students must register to participate.

The Faculty of Engineering will pair all students from any level with other students based on their interests. We encourage you to maintain contact with your peer for one term. If a student foresees they are unable to participate, they must inform us before the matching deadline.

Once paired with another student, you can interact with your peer by using the online platforms that best fit you and your peer’s needs and/or meet in person while respecting the guidelines established by the Public Health Authorities. We suggest using platforms, such as Facebook, email, MS Teams, Yammer or others; you choose what works best for you and your peer.

The deadline to register for the winter 2022 term is January 20, 2022. The matching process will take place on Friday, January 21, 2022. There are no guarantees that a match will be found, but we will do our best.

Please register using your uOttawa email.

Program benefits

  • Network with other Faculty students.
  • Develop your language skills in both official languages.
  • Share experience and expertise with your peer while helping each other.
  • Create an ENG PEER CONNECT discussion group on Yammer.
  • Meet new people, interact with them and discover new activities.
  • Gain recognized volunteer hours for your co-curricular record.
    • For students who were registered in the Fall 2021 program: Submit your hours by December 8, 2021. The placement number is 706.
    • For students in the Winter 2022 program: The placement number is 187.
  • Find teammates for your future projects.

Expectations as a volunteer

  • We highly encourage you to maintain contact with your peer for the duration of term.  
  • Connect and interact with your assigned peer through the contact information they provide. You will receive an email with your peer's coordinates; it is up to both students to reach out within 5 days of your match.  
  • Meet with your peer virtually at least once every two weeks for the entire term (at a minimum). 
  • Maintain realistic expectations of support from your peer; remember, your peer is a student too and may not have time to communicate with you every day. Therefore, remember to be patient and understanding when coordinating plans or communicating with them.  
  • It is up to you to decide the extent of your involvement with your peer. You are encouraged to foster this new relationship to help each other virtually as students at the Faculty of Engineering.  
  • At any given time, students might have trouble with a course or might need guidance with decisions to make in their program, it is important to guide the student to the appropriate services or departments. Check out the list of resources below. 
  • We do not expect students to answer every question your peer could ask. You can reach out to The Workshop - The Engineering and Computer Science Mentoring Centre. Mentors will be happy to help you find appropriate resources on campus.  
  • You could also help your peer by sharing your own experiences and introducing them to other students.  
  • If a student expects that they will be unable to fulfill their commitment as a peer, they must inform their peer and the Student Experience Officer. 
Questions or concerns?
  • Attend a virtual meet-up in MS Teams with the Student Experience Officer at the beginning of the term to ask any questions or concerns pertaining to the Engineering Peer Connection Program. 

For any questions or concerns regarding the Engineering Peer Connection Program:

Josée Graveline, Student Experience Officer

Other resources available to students

Need help to find a resource on campus or help with course; contact a mentor or any of the following resources: 

Need help with your academic file:  


  • uOConnexion is a volunteer-based program that provides an opportunity to build one-on-one relationships between upper-year uOttawa students and newly admitted students. The goal of the program is to facilitate the integration of new students into their uOttawa student life.
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