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Summer programs for teens

Are you a parent looking for an enriching experience for your teenager this summer? Or are you a high school student looking for hands-on experience in real university labs?

Whether you’re interested in getting high school credits, volunteer hours, or engineering/science experience, we’ve got the program for you.


Faculty of Engineering Secondary School - High school courses (Gr. 8-11)

High school students who are looking to attain secondary school credits during the summer should consider academic and practical engineering design courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering. Two half-courses (each worth 0.5 credits), each lasting two weeks long.

Enrichment Courses (Gr. 9-12)

Unsure of what studies you want to pursue or what career path you want to take? Get a better sense of what each university program has to offer through these tailored programs.

Volunteering (Gr. 9-12)

Do you enjoy working with kids, especially in an engineering/scientific environment?  Complete up to 40 hours of community service each week through our volunteer program.

Please visit our other pages to learn more about our summer courses offered at our new Faculty of Engineering Secondary School and about our Summer Camps for Kids


Completion of Grade 9-12 by summer 2019, depending on the program.  

Please consult the table below for the grade requirements for each program.  Please note that the grades indicated in our schedule refer to the grade that the participant must have completed this academic year.


On-campus: 800 King Edward Avenue (SITE building at the University of Ottawa)


9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (participants will sign themselves out at 4:00 p.m.)


Please note that all teen programs are generally taught in English with a bilingual instructor, offering French support.



Information package

Camp information package 2018


Please consult our FAQ page for common questions.


To make any changes to your registration, please contact adventures@uOttawa.ca or call 613-562-5491; registrations cannot be modified online.

Summer activities

Fall and Winter activities

Workshops for groups

Schedule - Summer 2018

  Exploring Technological Design, TDJ1O Enrichment Courses Enrichment Courses Volunteering
Cost $1200 for the four week program $290 $290 Free
Grade completed GR. 8-11 GR. 9-11 GR. 9-11 GR. 8-12
July 2-5*   Civil Engineering
General Science
July 8-12 Exploring Tech Design - Part 1 (TDJ1O1) Software Engineering & Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Volunteering
July 15-19 Electrical & Computer Engineering Pre-Medicine Volunteering
July 22-26 Exploring Tech Design - Part 2 (TDJ1O2) Software Engineering & Computer Science (just for girls) Biomechanical Engineering Volunteering
July 29-Aug 2 Electrical & Computer Engineering Pre-Medicine Volunteering
August 6-9**   Chemical Engineering General Science  Volunteering
August 12-16   Software Engineering & Computer Science

Biomechanical Engineering

August 19-23       Volunteering

* July 2-5 is a 4-day week due to the holiday on July 1st
** August 6-9 is a 4-day week due to the civic holiday on August 5

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