MiniMed Camp

Grade completed : 2 to 4

Participants will have the chance to discover the fascinating world of medicine at the MiniMed summer camp!  They will explore different aspects of this wonderful profession through diverse clinical skill activities and through an introduction to certain medical treatments such as making a cast, observing vital signs, and practicing injections. They will also learn about human anatomy by manipulating models, completing dissections, and participating in several interactive games.  By taking part in this medical camp, participants will learn about the workings of the human body, the role of each organ, and the job of a doctor.  Break periods and outdoor games are scheduled in advance.

Minimed camp projects change week-by-week and are not cumulative, so a participant may register for only Minimed 2 without requiring Minimed 1. Additionally, a participant may register for both weeks without repeating any projects. 

Lunch is not included, except on Friday when a pizza lunch & juice box is offered (this is included in the price of the camp).  Please provide environmentally-friendly, nut-free snacks and lunch for your child for the rest of the week.

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