Information package

To ensure a safe and fun environment for all, we ask that all students, participants, volunteers, and parents/guardians respect our rules.

Online program responsibilities

Communicate all behavioural conditions with the instructor. It is important to communicate all behavioural conditions that your child may have to the instructor. This ensures that the instructor can take all the necessary measures to create a safe environment for your child and for all other participants.

If behavioural problems should arise with your child: an administrator will contact you regarding the incident, and if necessary, they will issue a warning.

If the problem persists or is unacceptable: the participant may be removed from our summer program. We absolutely do not tolerate any violence, bullying or disrespect in our programs.

Respect all participants and instructors: no violent behaviour or verbal abuse. Everyone deserves to have fun without worrying about disruptive participants. We will not tolerate violent or abusive participants; they will be removed from the meeting if they cause harm to other participants or instructors.

Dress Code: Participants must respect the dress code. Participants and students must wear appropriate clothing that covers their midriff and all undergarments; clothing worn must not contain inappropriate words or imagery.

Be on time: To avoid missing important information and steps, please be present and prepared to participate on time. Have your camera ON, your microphone OFF and your materials ready! 

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