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Women scientists say more girls and women are choosing STEM - CBC Radio's All In A Day (Catherine Mavriplis)

Scientists around the world are turning to feces to track coronavirus outbreaks (Washington Post)

Robert Delatolla: Ottawa dans la seconde vague (Journal de Montréal), Déceler la COVID-19 dans les eaux usées d’Ottawa-Gatineau (Le Droit), Détecter la COVID-19 dans les eaux usées d'Ottawa et de Gatineau (Radio-Canada)

Mondafrique article - There will be more floods in Sahel

Over 11,000 EI and tax filer records successfully targeted by hackers, new security measures to be implemented

CBC Radio One 90.5 (CBHA): Batteries in electric car - Elena Baranova (12:24:34)

Robet Delatolla: Detecting COVID-19 in raw sewage and spotting the second wave: CTV News interview, CTV Morning Live interview, All in a Day interview (CBC), article and interview (Global News), Flushing out a virus: How our wastewater may help identify future waves of COVID-19 (Ottawa Citizen article), Global News interview and article, MSN Canada article, Finding COVID-19 answers in sewage (Ottawa Citizen article)

Kielburger: Back up praise for women public health officers with equity in STEM

The Quirks & Quarks listener question show

Les secrets du cannabis en quelques secondes

Zeppelins stopped flying after the Hindenburg disaster. Now scientists want to bring them back.

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2019 ACE Awards Gala Winners

Facial recognition is almost perfectly accurate — here's why that could be a problem

Perth’s dry stone bridge recognized as Canada’s first civil engineering demonstration site

Énergie « sale » ou « propre » une question de perspective

University of Ottawa plants roots in Kanata North tech park

Feds set to pull plug on microelectronics powerhouse

Here’s How Engineers Dream of Stopping Tsunamis

Live in Vanier? Your home might be on top of a dump

Canada's cellphone system vulnerable in disasters, say experts

Minister Duncan marks completion of a new science facility at the University of Ottawa

«L’université de demain»

L’Université d’Ottawa dévoile son nouveau complexe STEM

Sciences, ingénierie et mathématiques convergent au nouveau complexe STEM de l’Université d’Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa crews head to North Carolina; tourists from Ottawa take shelter

Materials for a new world at uOttawa’s Faculty of Engineering

Banff, le lieu de rendez-vous des ingénieurs exigeants

Network monitoring is hard...If only there was some kind of machine that could learn to do it

Are chatbots and games the next gen diagnostic tools?

Faculty of Engineering at the forefront of protecting Canada’s infrastructure

Meet the finalists in the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra's 3D printing contest

Queen honours Canadian for making prosthetics for refugees

Ottawa Morning: Indigenous Science Kids

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