Using Lego to explain the benefits of being a consulting engineer

Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colin Zhang

Colin Zhang’s cleverly animated video explains the benefits of being a professional engineering consultant. Through his charming Lego characters, Colin demonstrates the important contributions that consulting engineers offer to real life issues. The video is composed of over 800 frames at a rate of 8 frames per second. It took Colin 2 full evenings to take all the shots.

Colin (Chi) Zhang is in his second year of his Master’s degree. Under the supervision of Professor Majid Sarjid, he is studying Environmental Engineering in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department.

Department Chair David Taylor commented “Colin - I just watched your video on YouTube - this was really terrific!  What clever use of stop animation and Lego characters!

Colin, my sincere congratulations for this prestigious award on behalf of our entire uOttawa Engineering community” wrote Claude Laguë, Dean of the Faculty.

As winner of the contest, Colin is invited to the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards Ceremony on October 23 in Ottawa. During this event, he will have the opportunity to meet leaders in consulting engineering industry.

Reflecting on his video, Colin declared, “I would like to say the Lego is much cuter than I am in person, so I let them do the talking”.

Watch the video:

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