uOttawa UOE Racing takes 4th place overall in the international Shell Eco-Marathon Americas competition

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

After months of hard work and collaboration between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students over a sustained period of 5 years, the UOE Racing team brings home 4th place overall in the international Shell Eco-Marathon and established themselves as the top Canadian team in the race!

The Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition program designed to give students hands-on experience in achieving ultra-energy-efficiency and compete against other teams’ vehicles in 2 categories to see who can complete the track route using the least amount of energy. Within the Shell Eco-Marathon Mileage Challenge, there is the Prototype category and the UrbanConcept category. In the prototype category, students build and race ultra-efficient, lightweight vehicles that typically have 3 wheels and look streamlined and bullet-like. The vehicles in the UrbanConcept category look more like standard 4-wheeled cars and are built with specific requirements regarding doors, multiple seats, and vehicle height.

This year, the team’s vehicle achieved an impressive energy consumption figure of 206 km/kWh, which translates to over 4313 MPGe. MPGe, or mile per gallon of gasoline-equivalent, is used to compare the amount of energy consumed by alternative fuel vehicles to that of traditional gas-powered cars, and for comparison, a Tesla Model 3 might be expected to get less than 136 MPGe in optimal driving conditions. In addition to winning 4th overall, uOttawa won the Social Media Challenge and the Shell Eco-Marathon Unveiling Award, worth $3,000 in total!

The UOE Racing team’s success follows the generous $1.5 million donation from John McEntyre in support of competitive student teams. The John McEntyre Team Space (JMTS) is a place for student teams like UOE Racing to work on their projects with the space and tools necessary to go above and beyond.

Congratulations to the UOE Racing team for their extraordinary performance in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition!

Find out more about their experience with the special episode of the Make the future podcast featuring a few members of their team.

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