uOttawa brings back 5 awards from the How to Change the World Conference

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2020

The How to Change the World Conference is a 3-day experiential education program that gathers young professionals and current students from different disciplines and sectors to collaboratively work on real-world problems and try to come up with effective solutions. This year, the uOttawa delegation came back with 5 awards. We’re very proud of our students’ achievements!

A post by the delegate Zaineb Al-Faesly

"With #HtCtW2020 now a few days behind us, I had the time to reflect on what we learned and so I wanted to share my biggest takeaways with you all... In order to create an impact and mobilize people, here are 4 key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Engineers need to be transdisciplinary thinkers.
  2. Engineers need to engage in learning the languages of other professions.
  3. Engineers need to understand the human dimension. There is a need to deeply connect and understand people. People do not talk w/ calculators!
  4. Engineers need to understand how power works. It is the currency of an organization - think about where does the budget go and follow the trail and think about why that is.

Despite using the term "engineer" here, this can be applied to all professions really! A big thank you to How to Change the World for 3 days jam packed with learning and networking. I shall carry these lessons with me."

Our delegation highlights

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