Online Graduate Programs in Engineering Management

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Strengthen your engineering and leadership skills with our new graduate programs in Engineering Management for working professionals. These programs, designed to provide an interactive online experience, offer four elective concentrations to develop your skills so you can lead and advance engineering teams effectively and productively.

Program Overview

These programs begin with four mandatory courses that will allow you to develop your basic skills in certain areas:

  • Introduction to Engineering Management
  • Principles of Accounting and Finance
  • Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Foundations of Project Management

To supplement this core, you must then complete six elective courses for the online Master's degree and one elective course for the online Graduate Diploma, among four concentration modules.

Elective Concentrations

1. Advanced Project Management

This module covers the entire project life cycle - from identification through design, planning, realization, and close-out.

2. Data Analytics

Learn about powerful analytical techniques to improve performance, support decision making, and communicate relevant information. 

3. Operations Management

Become more efficient and productive within a company by mastering operations and supply chain best practices.  

4. Product Innovation Management

Master novel, systematic tools and methods for enabling, fostering and implementing high levels of creativity and innovation in technological organizations.  

Application Requirements

  • Minimum of two years’ engineering work experience  
  • Bachelor’s degree with a specialization or major in engineering, computer science or physical science and a minimum admission average of 70% (B) 
  • Two letters of recommendation  
  • Resume  
  • $110 applications fee 

Are you interested in the online Master's program? Learn more here.

Want to continue your graduate studies but a Master's degree isn't for you? Register for the online Graduate Diploma in Engineering Management.

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