Industry pioneer Veena Rawat awarded honorary doctorate

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Faculty of Engineering is proud to welcome Veena Rawat as the newest recipient of an honorary doctorate by the University of Ottawa. Long hailed as a pioneer in telecommunications and an avid activist for women working in STEM fields, Dr. Rawat is President and CEO of Expert Strategies International, a former President of the Communications Research Center, and is an appointed Officer of the Order of Canada.

Veena Rawat with Jacques Beauvais and Jacques Frémont

Dr. Rawat was honoured at the Faculty of Engineering’s 2019 Spring Convocation ceremony, where she delivered an address to the graduating class that highlighted the importance of acceptance in their future endeavors:

“We are all engineers, we can treat our lives as an equation: some of the variables are fixed and the others are not. Focus on the variables we can change and control, this way we’ll always be happier.”

She closed the address by sharing some crucial advice for new graduates:

“Stay focused on your objectives and your goals, work hard, stay positive, and take a problem-solving attitude towards everything. And above all, respect everyone, regardless of their position. […] Remember, that it is the attitude, no the aptitude, which brings you the altitude.”

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