Go ENG Girl! Junior a very special day at University of Ottawa for 150 young girls in elementary school

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016

girl conducting an experiment

On January 7, nearly 150 young girls in grades 3-6 from three Ottawa-region schools enjoyed a special day-long event at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Engineering. The goal of the event, entitled Go ENG Girl Junior, was to introduce the girls to the world of engineering. Through a variety of workshops on electricity, structures, programming, renewable energy, 3D printing and other activities, the students were able to learn about a number of aspects of engineering, all while performing experiments, playing games, designing and constructing!

An event like Go ENG Girl Junior is very important in introducing young girls to the engineering profession and showing them that it’s not just for boys,” explained Julie Olivier, Youth Program Coordinator at the Faculty of Engineering.

Accompanying teachers applauded the initiative and agreed that the Go ENG Girl Junior event is certainly likely to influence young students’ perceptions of engineering and could even motivate them to pursue engineering studies in the future. “The girls were really engaged and interested in every activity! One student even told me that she discovered engineering could be really fun and that she would eventually like to become an engineer,” said one teacher.

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See photos taken during the Event!

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