Go ENG Girl: inspiring girls to follow their passion

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Go ENG Girl participants

This past October, the Faculty of Engineering’s Outreach team hosted Go ENG Girl, a yearly event permitting girls in grades 7-10 across Ontario to visit their local university campus and to learn from engineering professionals while enjoying fun hands-on design challenges.

This year’s event took place both on campus as well as in Casselman’s Académie de la Seigneurie, with over 140 participants. Activities in Casselman included 3D printing and programming while tours of facilities such as the Brunsfield Centre, the structural engineering laboratory and the Sunlab solar research lab; additionally, hands-on activities and presentations from professors and students were held on campus.

Professors, students and volunteers greatly contributed to the girls’ experience, inspiring them in many ways: “In general the event was fantastic and it really served its purpose; promoting more girls to enter engineering. It was inspirational to listen to many different people talk about their stories and how they became engineers. We got to do a lot of hands-on activity which certainly did keep us very interested. In my opinion, my favorite part was when I got to read a bar-code and I heard everyone's life stories. I really loved the way engineering was portrayed as a very open field where every individual gets to use their creativity in different ways” said a participant.

"I have been doing this program for a few years now and every year my spirit gets lifted by the sparkle in the eyes of the girls when they get inspired by engineers and what they do in the world." – Arielle, Instructor 

Go ENG Girl 2017
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