The Faculty recognizes the excellence of its alumni

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2016

The Faculty of Engineering is proud to announce the recipients of the 2016 Alumni Awards of Excellence.

The Awards of Excellence are awarded annually to alumni who have distinguished themselves in a professional capacity or made remarkable contributions to society. Presentations were made during the uOttawa Innovates-2016 DESIGN SHOWCASE on Friday, November 4 at the Lees Campus.

Young Alumni Award of Excellence

Mike Cook
Mike Cook (BASc 2003, Computer Engineering)

Mike Cook is an entrepreneur in the technology sector. His specialty is to build well performing teams and innovative companies.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he worked at Telecom, where he managed teams responsible for large-scale operations of a technical nature or client contact.

Since 2011, Mike has been exclusively involved in mobile start-ups.

Most recently, he launched IDENTOS Inc., a company that offers cutting-edge encryption technology for mobile applications to protect sensitive and private data.

Alexandra Bissinger
Alexandra Bissinger (BASc 2009 et MEng 2013, Civil Engineering)

Alexandra Bissinger graduated with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering with honors in 2009. She then returned to the University of Ottawa to pursue a master's degree in engineering.

During this time, she was actively involved in the division of Engineers Without Borders on campus as vice-president, head of fundraising, and president.

She was a speaker at the 20th National Conference of Women in Engineering and the 2010 edition of the event Women in Science and Engineering Inspiring Women.

Since 2015, she has held a position on the Board of Directors of the University of Ottawa’s Alumni Association and has helped set up the University of Ottawa’s Vancouver Alumni Regional Council.

After living in the lower mainland for two years, on an acting assignment as Site Manager of Defence Construction Canada’s Chilliwack site office, Alex returned to Vancouver Island early this year to carry on with her duties as Team Leader of Construction Services at the Comox site office.


Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Mina Lux
Mina Lux (BSc 1990, BASc 1992 [Chemical Engineering])

This award honors a graduate who has distinguished herself by her outstanding achievements in the field of entrepreneurship

Mina Lux is a digital industry veteran with a track record of proven success. 

Presently, she is the CEO and founder of her second technology startup, Meelo. Meelo is an automated strategic intelligence platform that solves business challenges by processing information and data processing. 

The company has partnered with the two largest think tanks in artificial intelligence and cognitive technology: IBM Watson and Cal Tech/Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL). Meelo is the only company in the world that is able to take advantage of the technologies from both think tank to solve any problem.

As co-founder and vice-president of sales and marketing at FloNetwork (acquired by DoubleClick in 2001), she produced a white paper on the server/client platform concept and linked the technology to account services, thereby helping businesses and customers to better use direct e-mail as a tool for generating sales leads and revenue growth.

Mina is also a member of the University of Ottawa’s Regional Alumni Council in New York City.

Mina Lux commented about uOttawa Innovates: “I’m very impressed with the energy and the ideas I’m seeing, and with these facilities that are fueling that drive. I would have loved to see this when I was a student.


Engineering Alumni Award of Excellence

Jean-Michel Lemieux
Jean-Michel Lemieux (BSc 1995 [Computer Science])

This award is the highest honour we bestow upon our Faculty of Engineering Alumni.

Jean-Michel Lemieux is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Shopify and joined the company in 2015.

Previously, he held the same position in Atlassian and was Chief Architect with Rational Team Concert, a division of IBM.

Jean-Michel co-authored the book, Eclipse Rich Client Platform and has filed two U.S. patents on software configuration management.

Jean-Michel writes about himself: “I'm fanatical about building products and platforms, building teams, and growing people who build companies. I also don't take myself too seriously, and choose to work with people who want to change the world with a smile on their face.

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