Entrepreneurship Concepts competitors give impressive show of ideas

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Student teams signed up for the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to an expert panel of judges and demonstrated a wide variety of skills from management and business planning to software and mechanical engineering. This competition calls for a variety of skills that must be fully integrated to produce a viable product that improves the lives of potential users. This year’s successful candidates demonstrated just how vital the partnership between entrepreneurship and engineering is today. The following are this year’s Entrepreneurship Concepts Competition winners:

1st place: Thawrih - Sarah Abood, Christopher Elten and Sami Dabliz

Thawrih knows first-hand the misrepresentation and disadvantage that consumers who wear the turban and hijab face in the athletic industry. Thawrih creates an environment of unity and comfort by providing unconventional workout gear, such as sports turbans, sports hijabs and modest workout clothing.

2nd place: kVibe - Jennifer Vo and Kevin Gatera

Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most pressing issues in women’s health today. The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles that supports the pelvic organs. When it is weakened or damaged, the only thing supporting the pelvic organs are the tendons and ligaments which will be stretched and damaged over time; this can result in incontinence, pelvic pain, and prolapse. The kVibe addresses these problems through mechatronic components, a phone app, and machine learning so you can use it online and offline.

3rd place: Civli - Gabriel Tapuc

Civli is a mobile platform that lets citizens conveniently submit 311 (non- urgent) city issues with ease.

The Entrepreneurship Concepts Competition lets students present their innovative business plans to a panel of judges from the Ottawa community. Students are required to prepare a business plan with the support and guidance of experts. Then, they present their plan for the chance to win $5000 for first place, $3000 for second place, and $2000 for third place.

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