Engineering students put their entrepreneurial skills to the test

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017

A great idea alone does not make for a successful company; it takes a deep analysis of the market to find windows of opportunity, understand the barriers to entry and how best to differentiate from the competition. And of course, it takes a product or service that can deliver on its promise.

Since 2007, the Faculty of Engineering has helped students understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur with learning experiences and a variety of competitive events. This year’s student competitions kicked off with the Prizes in Entrepreneurship-Entrepreneurial Idea Competition (EIC-PEI).

Student presenting at the competition

Entrepreneurial Idea Competition

The 2017 edition of the EIC-PEI saw an impressive array of concepts that showcased our students’ wide interests and talents. Out of 22 applicants, only 8 were selected to move forward to the final presenting stage where the judges had the opportunity to receive a detailed presentation on each idea and ask questions. Following the presentations, audience members had the chance to vote in an online poll for their favourite team while the judges deliberated. The judges consulted the results of this poll to come to their final decision.

The objective of the Entrepreneurial Idea Competition is to raise awareness and interest in entrepreneurship among engineering and computer science students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Any student who has an idea for a start-up company and would like to pitch it to a panel of judges to receive feedback and potential prize money may register.

Meet the winners of this year's Entrepreneurial Idea Competition:

First place: kVibe by Jennifer Vo (Biomedical Mechanical Engineering) and Kevin Gatera (Software Engineering)

One out of four women are affected by weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles, which can result in urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. The kVibe addresses this issue by implementing an internal Fitbit that utilizes machine learning. This device can be controlled online or offline through a phone to help strengthen the user’s pelvic floor muscles.

Second place: Cycleview by Kanwal Bhatia (Mechanical Engineering) and Onkar Chander (Mechanical Engineering)

Cycleview is a company that aims to make the roads safer, one cyclist at time. This is achieved by alerting cyclists of their surroundings using an innovative bicycle blind spot detection system.

Third place: Prescripto by Sai Krishna Karthik Siddulugari (Masters of Engineering Management)

Prescripto is a block chain-enabled, e-prescription service where you can store and manage all your prescriptions on the cloud with real-time allergy alerts.

Launching Entrepreneurs Competition

The Launching Entrepreneurs Competition is the third and final phase of the Prizes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation series, which invites graduate and undergraduate students to present their already launched business based on a technological innovation to a panel of judges from the Ottawa community.  This is a closed-door event where participants are handpicked to present their business plan and compete for up to $45,000 in funding as well as one-on-one mentorship, incubation space, legal and accounting advice.

The winners of the competition earn their prize by having the most complete and rigorous business plan and by delivering a seamless presentation.

Below are the winners and participants of the Launching Entrepreneurs Competition:


Kegshoe - Michael Eagar, Torin Regier, Adrian Pawliszko

The team at Kegshoe not only compete for the title of top beer aficionado, they have already established a growing business that provides specialized software to the brewing industry. The company’s first product, a keg-tracking platform, has already secured 35 customers on 4 continents. Customers are able to improve their logistics, reduce losses from errant kegs and better manage product delivery. Kegshoe is about to launch a CRM platform for the industry with inventory integration.


GameStrat – Tunch Akkaya

GameStrat is a software company based out of Ottawa that specializes in real-time analytics, specifically for the sports market. It provides solutions for a number of different sports, including football, basketball, hockey and volleyball. Its area of expertise is giving coaches access to instant video replay during games through wireless networks. GameStrat provides the necessary tools for coaches to win more games.

Spectrafy - Richard Beal and Viktar Tatsiankou

Spectrafy is building the future of solar and atmospheric measurement with its rugged hardware and groundbreaking software.

It provides its global customers with a line of solar spectral sensors, which produce affordable high quality solar and atmospheric data.  Historically, in order to obtain such data multiple, highly expensive instruments were required.

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