Electrical and Computer Engineering with concentration in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)

Posted on Monday, April 6, 2020

Associate Professor Burak Kantarci shares some insight on this new concentration that combines learning and application.

What is this new concentration in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)?

Become a highly qualified electrical and computer engineer with our new program concentration; not only will you be highly skilled in AI theory, but you will also be equipped with the desired skills to apply your knowledge across multiple fields.

To this end, the program covers both the fundamental knowledge in machine learning and its applications to the problems in electrical and computer engineering.

Apply cutting-edge research to industry during and after your studies

As a student in this concentration, you are eligible and encouraged to do an industry internship. More specifically, the internship for the students in the AAI concentration involves of a four month (minimum) project that will address company-specific problems. By tackling these problems with well-defined R&D projects, you will create new revenue generating opportunities for the partner companies.

In addition, by implementing solutions and gaining experience, you will be recruited in a new wave of electrical and computer engineers in the information and communication technology sector in Ontario, Canada as you will have gained the sought-after experience of highly qualified personnel.

Why should you apply for this concentration?

By the end of the program you will be able to develop and present AI-based solutions, and apply AI-based methodologies to solve practical problems in electrical and computer engineering. These include areas such as robotics, digital health, cyber-physical systems, wired/wireless communications, cyber-security and multimedia systems.

Our Faculty is very involved with industry and receives grants in these areas of research. This means that you can easily get involved thanks to our established research partnerships and collaborations. For example, you could receive grants with programs that balance work without taking a leave of study (Mitacs Accelerate), or take on industry-specific internships (Talent Edge) with associations like wireless technology ENCQOR 5G and the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN).

Overall, you will have the opportunity to learn from researchers and work with professionals from other disciplines to integrate AI-based solutions into services and products in other fields. This program offers excellent opportunities.

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