Dr. Hussein T. Mouftah awarded K.Y. LO MEDAL

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Erratum: This article was published on March 20th and included publication errors in the list of countries to which Dr. Mouftah has contributed through his work (second paragraph) as well as in the description of his specific fields of work (paragraph five). These mistakes have been corrected.

Dr. Hussein T. Mouftah, a prominent figure in telecommunications networks, is the recipient of the K.Y. Lo Medal for his significant contributions at the international level. The K.Y. Lo Medal is awarded to eminent members of the Engineering Institute of Canada for their important contributions and impact in technology. A gala was organized last March 15th, in Ottawa in honour of the recipients. Dr. Mouftah stresses that he is very honoured to receive this medal and very proud to represent the University of Ottawa.

Benefits for the Public at Large
Dr. Mouftah’s contributions have resonated in different parts of the world. He has organized numerous international conferences and provided several countries with expertise in and knowledge of computer information and communication technology advancement. Thus, his contributions have impacted Egypt (his home country), Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, China, UK, Sweden and USA, just to name a few. As such, he has secured an important pool of dynamic collaborators for the extension of this knowledge.

His research has benefited the industry of telecommunications in Canada and abroad, especially corporate organizations like Bell Canada, IBM and Nortel Networks. Dr. Mouftah has also worked with small and medium sized businesses, particularly in the area of public safety.

Research Areas and Academic Endeavour
Canada Research Chair in Wireless Sensor Networks, Dr. Mouftah is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Ottawa who possesses extensive research experience both at the academic and industrial level. He has taught for more than 30 years at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University. He won numerous awards throughout his impeccable career and academic journey, and for this accomplishment he is awarded the K.Y. Lo Medal.

Professor Mouftah takes pride in introducing new advances in Information and Communication Technology. He also strives to promote the extension of the Next-Generation Internet Facility, a field in which he has done extensive research. He brings valid and useful solutions for various concepts, methods and applications in the area of telemedicine, intelligent transportation systems, smart grid, and emergency preparedness and response for public safety.

This native of Egypt admits that he really enjoys interacting with his students and teaching them innovative ways to develop sustainable and successful products. Professor Mouftah believes that innovation is the key word for learning and success. As a teacher, he dearly hopes to instil this approach into some of his students so that one day they will teach future students how to develop innovative ideas.

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