Digital Transformation and Innovation with concentrations in Applied Data Science and User Experience Design

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Professor Hussein Al Osman shares some insight on this modernized interdisciplinary program.

What is Digital Transformation and Innovation?

Industry players are increasingly leveraging digital technology to:

  • Optimize their business processes
  • Improve service delivery capacity
  • Meet client requirements in a competitive market

Multi-disciplinary professionals typically lead these digital transformations. The demand for these skilled professionals in the workforce is growing.

Conventional graduate programs in computer science, business, management, and communication have limited multidisciplinary focus. The University of Ottawa has therefore developed the Digital Transformation and Innovation program to fill a gap in existing graduate programs by combining interdisciplinary efforts between three faculties: Engineering, Management, and Arts.

Building on success

This program has been tested and proven; it was formerly called Electronic Business/Electronic Business Technologies. As a student in this enhanced program, you will regularly interact with professors from diverse backgrounds, and complete courses from a multitude of domains. The program exposes you to a combination of theoretical and hands-on knowledge to kick-start your career.

This program’s revitalization, with the addition of two new concentrations, will continue to bolster organizations with new experts to lead tomorrow’s digital transformations.

Applied Data Science Concentration

Collecting, pre-processing, storing, and making sense of data is an essential component of digital transformation. These activities allow businesses to fine-tune their processes and eliminate any inefficiencies. It also allows them to develop predictive business and financial projection models to enable informed decision making and risk reduction.

The Applied Data Science concentration allows you to take relevant courses in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It exposes you to tools and libraries widely used in the industry.

User Experience (UX) Concentration

Client facing services automated through digital transformation must ensure a high quality of user experience to gain widespread acceptance. Today, it is no longer enough to develop usable and efficient systems that maximize productivity. In a competitive market where people have numerous options, enhancing user experience is essential for industries that aim to maintain a competitive edge.

The user experience concentration exposes you to state-of-the-art concepts on user-centered design processes that aim to improve user experience and engagement. The courses range from the strictly technical usability material to eventually discuss user experience as a multi-disciplinary paradigm.

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