Congratulations to Dr. Yujie Zhang for winning the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division Graduate Award in Polymer Chemistry

Posted on Friday, November 8, 2019

This prestigious award is open to all graduate students pursuing either a master’s or a doctorate degree in the area of polymer science or polymer engineering at a Canadian university. Students having graduated in January 2018 or afterwards are considered for the award. The selection criteria for the award is based on scientific merit, creativity, originality, and contributions to the field.

The over-arching goal of Dr. Yujie’s PhD project "was to displace petroleum-based monomers with renewable materials (i.e., starch nanoparticles) to produce bio-based materials for adhesive applications. Despite the great scientific challenge, she was able to develop a highly innovative methodology to encapsulate the highly hydrophobic starch nanoparticles into a hydrophobic acrylic shell. This methodology allowed the replacement of up to 45 wt.% petroleum-based monomers by renewable starch nanoparticles.

This project will most certainly have a wide-ranging impact including the development of fundamental knowledge of this novel, environmentally friendly material, which will lead to significant economic, and of course, obvious environmental benefits".

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