Celebrating Excellence in Teaching at the Faculty of Engineering

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Dr. Andrew Sowinski, Student Experience Officer at the Faculty of Engineering, has been selected by the faculty’s Executive Committee as the recipient of the 2017 Part-Time Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Sowinski’s shows outstanding efforts in helping students by developing new teaching techniques, as well as providing essential tools to both students and professors.

His various  projects, such as developing a student monitoring and early warning system to identify students at risk for failing and improve retention, creating a feedback and quality assurance system for the Faculty, as well as designing and implementing a Faculty-wide solution to the engineering accreditation process using the Vena Solutions software has impacted the academic path of many students.

Andrew’s contributions to undergraduate and graduate education go far beyond the classroom: I know of no other part-time professor who has done more for the excellence in teaching in our Faculty than Dr. Andrew Sowinski” noted Dr. Bogdan Kruczek, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Chair.

In many testimonials, professor Sowinski has received numerous praises from students that have had the opportunity to experience his outstanding teaching methods and devotion.

Not only has he helped many students by developing innovative and interactive teaching methods, he has also impacted the life of many outside of the classroom, dedicating his personal time to help individual students with various concerns such as career preoccupations.

Dr. Sowinski is not only a professor but also a great mentor, with an exceptional dedication to his students and understanding of their needs: “He continues to create more opportunities for students to learn and succeed by providing tools for the students to review, and provide helpful feedback. Dr. Sowinski is an incredible professor and asset to the University of Ottawa,” wrote Christopher McIntyre, third year chemical engineering student, in his testimonial letter.

It is with great pride that the Faculty of Engineering recognizes Dr. Sowinski’s efforts and commitment to pursue our mission of education, advancement of knowledge, and academic service.

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