Breaking out of the box with innovative solutions at Design Day

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Journée du design, hiver 2019 | Design Day, Winter 2019

On March 29, the SITE building was alive with more than 400 engineering and arts students displaying over 80 unique projects as part of the 5th edition of Design Day.

Throughout the school year, students in first- and second-year design courses were tasked with creating innovative solutions for real clients facing real problems. Joining the students were 35 judges from various fields, ranging from academia and industry to government, who helped determine the winners.

Each of the projects was designed to fit within one of seven categories:

  • Accessible designs to improve lives of people living with disabilities
  • Interactive art projects
  • Fully automated kitchens – distribution and cooking
  • Arterial pump simulator to help a Forensic Identification Officer – Ottawa Police Service
  • Automated small homes for community centres
  • The Makerspace VR Challenge
  • Open category

In case you missed it, check out some snapshots from social media that captured some of the excitement from Design Day at the bottom of the page.

This year, in addition to the winners in each category, an overall Design Day winner was chosen and awarded a prize of $3,000. Congratulations to all participants and winning teams!



Automated kitchen – distribution


  • Nicholas Anthony Anderson
  • Gouled Awad
  • Mustafa Hassan
  • Rachel Herperger
  • Maya Khalifeh
  • Benjamin Pestana

Automated kitchen – cooking


  • Steven Blouin
  • Sébastien Charron
  • Hamza Ourahhou
  • Frédérique Pinard
  • Raouia Yzzogh

Shelters for community centres

Bed 3

  • Oluwatosin Emmanuel Adekeye
  • Owen Cummings
  • Will Hayes
  • Justin Power
  • Shivam Syal
  • Leena Tran

Art installations


  • Peter Brooks
  • Sam Gilmore
  • Diane Hubert
  • Mylene Iacobucci

Devices for forensic investigations

No Name (FC5)

  • Mohamed Yassine Bouhamidi
  • Jad Haddad
  • Mathieu Lacelle
  • Marc-Antoine Mayer
  • Ahmed Oueslati

Accessible designs


  • Camille Chartrand
  • Adrianna Schwarzer
  • Sarra Torjemane
  • Andréanne Trépanier-Breault

Makerspace VR Challenge

Ohm VR (E2)

  • Humaira Ahmed
  • Jack Clarke
  • Jack Melaschenko
  • Jenna Rowland
  • Nicholas Schmidt

Natura (MC2)

  • Jasen Lee
  • Patrick Nguyen
  • Vincent Côté-Larouche

Open Category

uORocketry (O8)

  • Manit Ginoya
  • Paul Buzuloiu
  • Liam Reynolds
  • Jennifer Trac
  • Reza Fetanat
  • Nikhil Peri

Overall Design Day winners

Accessibility Team F3

  • Camille Chartrand
  • Adrianna Schwarzer
  • Sarra Torjemane
  • Andréanne Trépanier-Breault


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