Andrew Sowinski earns the Part-Time Professor Award with his interactive teaching methods

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Author: Dorothy Lo

Andrew Sowinski presented with the Part-Time Professor award

Just this past December, Andrew Sowinski, PhD, was presented with the Association of Part-Time Professors of the University of Ottawa (APTPUO)’s Part-Time Professor of the Year Award. The award recognizes his excellence in teaching, research activities, and participation to university life.

Professor Sowinski has taught every level of chemical engineering, from first year to graduate studies, and these experiences helped shape his teaching style. As a professor, he aims to minimize the perceived distance in rank between him and the students, especially in first-year classes. “I try to make it fun. You’re not just there to learn equations and solve problems. It’s the full journey and I try to join in with them.” Interactive activities like Socrative quizzes and team games help make his classes interesting and keeps students engaged.

Networking and building relationships among peers has also become a focus in Prof. Sowinski’s classes. By placing students in different groups in class and in tutorials, students are encouraged to make connections with their classmates and become comfortable with putting themselves in new and social environments.

This hands-on style of teaching has caught the attention of students and faculty, and has earned him the recognition of the APTPUO. Going forward, Prof. Sowinski will work together with the faculty to build a more engaging and network-focused curriculum.

Congratulations on receiving the Part-Time Professor Award! We look forward to seeing you and your students continue to evolve.

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