12th annual Research Poster Competition showcases innovation

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2020

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, Graduate students from the Faculty of Engineering competed in the 12th annual Engineering and Computer Science Research Poster Competition.

This year the event saw 82 posters competing under the Faculty’s five areas of research (see below), as well as three sub-categories: Women in Engineering, IEEE and the Entrepreneurial Design Competition powered by CEED.

The student’s posters were critiqued and scored by local industry judges throughout the day. A top three were decided amongst each category.

Prior to the poster competition, the Graduate office also hosted uOttawa 3MT competition. A competition where students present their research findings in a very short 3-minute pitch!

Congratulations to all of those that participated in the days events and came out to show off their impressive research! It is truly inspiring to see what innovative and dedicated students belong to the Faculty of Engineering.


3MT Competition

  • 1st place Zaineb Al-Faesly
  • 2nd place Maryam Razavipour
  • 3rd place Christopher Panaritis
  • Winner: Mohammad Mestar

Enabling technologies for health care and augmented life

  • 1st place Kaitie Kean
  • 2nd place Danni Zou
  • 3rd place Kyle Daines

Technology for the digital transformation of society

  • 1st place Evan Crothers
  • 2nd place Sepehr Sharifi
  • 3rd place Alexander Boyer

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure

  • 1st place Najlaa Abdul Hussain
  • 2nd place Marieh Rajaie
  • 3rd place Amirsajad Atashgar

Emerging materials and processes: design and development

  • 1st place Noor Ghadie
  • 2nd place Christopher Panaritis
  • 3rd place Aotian Li

Photonics for devices, networks and energy

  • 1st place Kaustubh Vyas
  • 2nd place Graham Killaire
  • 3rd place Ras-Jeevan Obhi

Women in Engineering - Best female presenters

  • Maha Saleh
  • Kaitie Kean


  • 1st Neda Nouri
  • 2nd Xiatong Cai
  • 3rd Alexander Steeves

Entrepreneurship Competition

  • 1st place Shuying Li
  • 2nd place Cuaulti Garcia Almanza
  • 3rd place Saad Bin Alam
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