Newly admitted students

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Faculty of Engineering! Welcome to your Faculty!

Getting ready for math

Want to review mathematics before the fall to better prepare for your first year of University? You’re in luck:  On Brightspace, under Custom Courses, you’ll find “Calculus Readiness Module: Self-Testing and Lots of Tips”, a self-study unit to help you feel at ease.  Looking for more?  You can enrol for math workshops in August offered by the Faculty of Science.

Make-up courses in math and science

Students who must complete a make-up course in mathematics or science may complete this course during the semester prior to starting their first semester. To do so, newly admitted students must enrol with InfoService (Tabaret Hall, 75 Laurier Street) using the special student enrolment form.

Academic support and success

Attending university is an important step in a person’s life. You arrive full of enthusiasm, having left home for the first time, and discover newfound freedoms accompanied by new responsibilities and insecurities. While you were admitted to university with a very high average, it is possible that, in your first semester especially, you do not have the same success you were used to in your previous studies.

If you encounter any difficulties in your studies or in your adaptation to this new chapter of your life, don't wait. There are many services offered to you, including mentoring services, study groups and the Student Academic Success Service (SASS). Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with an Academic Specialist who can provide much needed advice and inform you of the available services on campus.We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the University regulations.

Advanced standing

You have previously attended another post-secondary institution and you believe that you may be entitled to advanced standing additional to what was granted at admission? You may make a request for additional advanced standing at the Undergraduate Academic Secretariat at the Faculty of Engineering (SITE Building, Room 1020). This process may take several weeks.

Once again, welcome to your Faculty of Engineering. We wish you the utmost success in your studies!

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