Research Area

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the most rapidly growing field of engineering. At the interface between engineering and life sciences, it focuses on the development of new technologies for medical applications. Research areas in the Department of Mechanical Engineering include biofluids, bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, cardiovascular mechanics, joint implants, rehabilitation engineering, and surface and tissue engineering. The department has been involved in some of these areas for nearly 20 years, and benefits from partnerships with biotechnology firms, hospitals and governmental laboratories.

Biomedical engineering professors are members of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering, a multi-disciplinary institute that combines graduate research resources from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, as well as expertise from medical professionals.



BlackBerryMicroPort Orthopedics Inc.
Faculty of MedicineUniversity of Heidelberg
Food and Drug AdministrationUniversity of Ottawa Heart Institute
Health CanadaWright Medical Technology Inc.
Medtronic Inc.
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