About the department

The Department, founded in 1967, offers undergraduate as well as research and graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering is a very broad field. It encompasses machines, materials, energy, manufacturing, automation, biomedical engineering, aerospace and more. The Department’s expertise and programs fully cover this breadth, offering students a broadly based education and a wide range of career choices.

The biomedical mechanical engineering program aims to graduate engineers who have specialized in the biomedical engineering subfield of mechanical engineering. This subfield includes: the design of medical devices, such as artificial hearts, implants and prostheses; the development and selection of bio-compatible metallic and non-metallic materials for implants and medical equipment; robotics for medical applications; biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering. The program structure parallels that of the regular mechanical engineering program, replacing eight courses in the regular program with courses that focus on biomedical subjects.

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Mechanical engineering undergraduate programs

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