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3D printing

Choose between 2 options: Introduction to 3D printing or Advanced 3D printing

Introduction to 3D printing: Grade 2-12; 75 minutes

In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to this new technology, and will discover its functionality and applications. In small groups, they will have the opportunity to create their own 3D model of a Lego character’s head using Tinkercad, a user-friendly 3D modeling software. Next, they will turn their virtual models into a reality using 3D printers.

Advanced 3D printing; Grade 2-12; 2.5 hours (counts as 2 workshops)

In this advanced interactive workshop, participants will discover this new technology from how it works to its multitude of uses. They will have more time to create their own 3D model in small groups using Tinkercad, a user-friendly 3D modeling software. Depending on their grades, they will design a more complex prototype then during the Introduction workshop. Next, they will learn how to print their design with the 3D printers, and turn it into reality. During the printing time, students will also work on more design challenges.


Activity per grade for Advanced 3D printing only:

Grade 2: Cookie Cutter

  • Students will turn a 2D drawing into a 3D shape, which they can use as a cookie cutter.

Grade 3-6: Creative Character

  • Students will create their own character while investigating the 3D design process.

Grade 7-8: Wind Turbine

  • Students will learn how to design in 3D and create their own prototype.

Grade 9-12:

  • Science: Students will design a top. They will investigate forces, inertia and torque as well as the design process.
  • Technology: Students will replicate a building or structure using technical drawing. They will investigate the architecture of the building as well as the design process.


Codemakers Programming
girl at computer

Kindergarten - Grade 7; 60-75 minutes

Students will learn to program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they will learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively on the iPad or laptops.

Note: We will provide the iPads or laptops for this workshop, so access to other computers is not necessary.

Activity per grade:

  • Grade K-3: Scratch Jr on iPads
  • Grade 3-6: Hopscotch on iPads
  • Grade 4-7: Scratch on laptops

Note: When registering for this workshop, you can choose either Codemaker Programming for grades K-6 or Scratch for grades 4-7.


Kindergarten - Grade 2; 60-75 minutes

Bee-Bot is an award-winning programmable robot, perfect for teaching orientation, sequencing, estimation and programming to young children.  Students will have the opportunity to complete the challenge of programming their Bee-Bot to make its way through a maze. 

2 girls using ardunio

Grade 5-12; 60-75 minutes

In this interactive workshop, students will get a chance to learn about microcontrollers by programming an Arduino board and controlling its various inputs and outputs (lights). In this day and age, open source microcontrollers like the Arduino have become mainstream and have been adopted by electronic hobbyists around the world.

This workshop gives participants a good introduction to the world of electronics and electrical engineering.

Arduino Advanced

Grade 7-12; 60-75 minutes

This workshop is to be booked as a second workshop after the first Arduino workshop or for students with previous programming experience. More advanced programming concepts such as loops and arrays will be explored.

Laser cutting

Grade 1-12; 2-2.5 hours (counts as 2 workshops)

This workshop is all about using a high precision laser to cut and etch materials. In this workshop, participants will be able to laser cut a project that they will design, and they will learn all about this versatile tool and its applications.


Activity per grade:

Grade 1-2: Nametag

  • Students will create a custom nametag that will be laser cut.

Grade 3-4: Bird House

  • Students will design and build a small bird house made of cardboard (in teams of 2-3) that will be laser cut.

Grade 5-6: Glider

  • Students will create a 3D airplane from a 2D design (in teams of 2-3) that will be laser cut.

Grade 7-8: Candy Box

  • Students will create a 3D box from a 2D design (in teams of 2-3) that will be laser cut.

Grade 9-12:

  • Science: Students will learn about the benefits and challenges of a nature bridge (a place where animals cross the highway).

Students will then design their own nature bridge (in teams of 2-3) and cut it out of cardboard on the laser cutter.

  • Technology: Students will design a chair to scale (in teams of 2-3), and cut it out of cardboard on the laser cutter while learning about the design process.


Robotics and Vectors

Grade 6-8; 60-75 minutes

In this hands-on workshop, participants will get the chance to bring together digital and physical worlds by programming drawing robots to replicate a basic drawing while learning about linear planes and coordinate systems. The important theme of vectors will act as the foundation for the learning as we discover the diverse application of robotics.

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