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Fall 2020 Integration

We are getting ready, so can you! 

Starting university is an exciting moment in life, and we want to make sure your experience is as enriching and memorable as possible. 

The current pandemic is forcing us to review our regular programming for welcoming students to the Faculty, but rest assured, what we have planned for you is quite exciting! Through a virtual setting, you will get to socialize with other students, to fine-tune your academic knowledge and to get your mind into engineering design thinking mode! 

Here is your incoming student checklist, to help you get ready to start your journey at the Faculty of Engineering*: 

Stay informed

Summer orientation
Missed it? No worries, you can catch up by watching the video

FAQ for incoming students
Consult the FAQ for important information

Webinars on your university community
July 20 to August 21

Undergraduate program introduction videos
Prepare yourself for the beginning of classes by watching our program-specific videos

Welcome Day
September 8  / Join the dean and professors of your program for a Live Meetup and Q&A session

Get ready

Mathematics workshops
August 17 to 21 / Refine your math skills

Programming workshops
August 28 / Get familiar with a few programming concepts 

Design Week 101
August 31 to September 4 / Get thinking about design engineering and socialize with other incoming students



Engineering Peer Connection Program
Fall term / Socialize and make new friends with similar interests as you / Registration will open soon!

Engineering Student Society (ESS) and Computer Science Student Association (CSSA)
September 5 to 12 / Your association has a series of fun activities planned for you

*These activities and workshops are optional, but we highly encourage you participate. You will need to register to each of them individually if you wish to participate. 

Stay informed – Informative webinars and workshops

Summer Orientation

Missed it? No worries, you can catch up by watching the video to get information on uOttawa, student life, classes, and your transition to university this fall. You can also consult the FAQ below. 

FAQ for incoming students


These webinars, offered through August 21st, will allow you to connect with peers and experts to learn more about your first year at uOttawa. Join the webinars that pique your interest and get all the information and resources you need specific to your situation.  

Check out the webinars!

Undergraduate program introduction videos

Prepare yourself for the beginning of classes by watching our program-specific videos to learn everything about your program and how to thrive through your studies. We invite you to watch the video that is related to your program before Welcome Day.

Watch the videos

Welcome Day for Undergraduate Students

September 8, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

During our virtual Welcome Day, undergraduate students will be officially welcomed to the Faculty by the Dean, Jacques Beauvais.  Following the live welcome, professors from your program will be welcoming you through a live meetup where you will be able to ask your questions. 

Please note that the sessions will be held via MS Teams & Zoom and will be recorded.

Register to Welcome Day

To consult the schedule and join a meeting 

Get Ready - Refine your math and programming skills

CEED Design Week 101

August 31 to September 4 

Design Week 101 is a virtual experience that will allow you to: 

  • Get thinking about design
  • Gain a better understanding of uOttawa campus and the available opportunities
  • Connect and meet industry leaders
  • Make friends and be part of fun social events and friendly competitions
  • Gain technical skills

Deadline to register August 21st, 2020 

Please note that all the activities will be held via Zoom.

Register now  

Mathematics workshop

August 17 to 21 

For many students, first-year math courses can be a stumbling block. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is offering workshops led by experienced instructors to help students taking first-year math courses. The workshops will allow students to review high school mathematics and improve transition to university studies. For more information, consult the Online Mathematics Workshops website.

Deadline to register: August 14 2020.  

Register now

Programming workshops for GNG 1106 | GNG 1506

August 28 / With Prof. Arbez

This workshop is intended for students with little or no computer programming experience who will take GNG 1106 or GNG 1506. Students will be initiated to engineering computation using the C programming language. They will learn to use CodeBlocks C development software, explore computer variable and arithmetic computation and create simple programs. The workshop is offered in English and French.

Deadline to register: August 26 

Register now 

Programming workshops for ITI 1120 | ITI 1520

August 28. 1:30 p.m. to 2:40 p.m. / With Prof. Dujmovic 

This workshop is intended for students who are beginners in programming. The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize students with a few programming concepts so that they will not be intimidated when they take ITI1120 or ITI1520. This workshop is offered in English only.

Deadline to register: August 26 

Register now 

Socialize - Meet other Faculty of Engineering students

Engineering Peer Connection Program

The Engineering Peer Connection Program is a volunteer-based program at the Faculty of Engineering that pairs all students with other students based on their interests  

It aims to help all students transition to a new virtual environment and break the isolation starting this fall at uOttawa. The program provides an excellent opportunity to meet students, make new friends within your faculty and program, and who share the same interests. 

Register now!

Student Associations 101 Week activities

Your student associations, Engineering Student Society and Computer Science Student Association, are planning a series of fun social activities to welcome you to the Faculty!  

Computer Science Student Association 101 Week – September 5 to 12 

Register to CSSA 101 Week 

Engineering Student Society 101 Week – September 7 to 12 

Register to ESS 101 Week

You can find more info on ESS  Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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