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IBET Momentum Fellowship

Do you aspire to become a leader in engineering research and education? Do you want to be a role model for younger generations? If you identify with those statements, then the IBET Momentum Fellowship might be for you!

What is the IBET Momentum Fellowship?

The Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology Momentum Fellowship is the flagship fellowship for the IBET Ph.D. projects being launched early this year. Recipients will receive $25,000 a year for four years as they pursue doctorate degrees and specialized engineering research. Interested Canadian students can stay in the loop by clicking the below button. At the University of Ottawa, all candidates are given the choice to pursue their PhD in French or English.

The IBET Momentum Fellowship is intended to support Indigenous and Black researchers in achieving inclusion in academia at the University of Ottawa. This fellowship is the result of a partnership between six canadian universities in order to support diversity within all those institutions and within the STEM field. Click here to learn more about the impact of this partnership.

Please click here if you are looking for more information.

*A minimum of 2 fellowships will be granted.


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Self-identify as Indigenous to Canada (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) or Black (African-Canadian, Caribbean-Canadian, or Afro-Caribbean heritage)
  • Meet the admission requirements of the PhD program in the Faculty of Engineering
  • Students currently in the Master’s or Bachelor’s program are also eligible to apply
How to ensure your eligibility?

To ensure that this fellowships is awarded to people that meet the criterias of eligibility, we comply to the University of Ottawa regulations for admission, scholarships or bursaries related to programs and services reserved for Indigenous students. Therefore, to apply on the IBET Momentum Fellowship, you must provide documents proving your Indigenous identity. See below for documents accepted at the University of Ottawa.

To prove your identity, you can either:

  • Provide any of the below documents:
    • A certified copy of an Indian status card
    • A certified copy of a Métis Nation citizenship card from one of the five provincial affiliates (Métis Nation of Ontario, Manitoba Metis Federation, Métis Nation Saskatchewan, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation British Columbia), of the Métis National Council a membership card from one of the Metis Settlements of Alberta or a membership card from the Northwest Territory Métis Nation
    • A certified copy of an Inuit enrolment card issued by any one of the four Inuit modern treaty bodies—Nunavut, Nunatsiavut, Nunavik or Inuvialuit
    • Written confirmation of membership from a federally-recognized band
    • Written confirmation of Métis identity by a Métis local, council or education authority within the Métis Nation homeland recognized by the Metis National Council
  • Submit a declaration of identity
    • If you do not have the documentation listed above, you must submit a statement about your existing, ongoing relationship to a legally recognized and inherent Indigenous community, nation or people. You must state your Indigenous identity with specific information about your First Nation, Inuit or Métis community and include details about your treaty, scrip, land claim, and territory or region.
    • The Office of Indigenous Affairs and the University of Ottawa Indigenous Education Council can assist in interpreting and validating your submitted documents, if needed by the faculties or services responsible for assessing eligibility for admission and scholarships or bursaries.
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