Executive Committee Meeting 2015.07

Minutes of the Meeting held 08:30 August 31st, 2015, in room CBY A-707


C. Laguë (Dean), M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research) J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), I. Nistor (Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance), N. Baddour (Chair, MCG), C. Rennie (Chair, CVG), C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS), V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications), L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer), K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer), X. Cao (Invited Speaker)


D. Taylor (Chair, CHG), H. Viktor (EECS-CSI)

15.07.01 Presentation by Xudong Cao regarding the University of Toronto Science Leadership Program

X. Cao was provided the opportunity to attend the University of Toronto Science Leadership Program, which was designed to give faculty members the tools to engage stakeholders such as policymakers, the media and the public in their research. He described the various presentations and activities for the day. These included panels of guest speakers, and training activities.

He pointed out that a challenge is to convince stakeholders of the importance of our work in an age when one can find information so easily on the web. Another lesson he emphasized was that we need to take advantage of where we are located (the capital of Canada), to interact more directly with government decision makers.

He discussed an activity in which various aspects of the personalities of professors and stakeholders were discussed. He emphasized the importance of addressing the Rational, Emotional, Forward-Thinking and Safekeeping aspects, and to consider focusing on communication with these people emphasizing the Science, Relationships, the Future, and the Program, respectively.

He suggested better distributing information in the faculty about media coverage funding decisions and major awards, and putting effort into student science leadership.

15.07.02 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved with the addition of one item.

15.07.03 Minutes of the last meeting (June 30)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved, although they will be adjusted to correctly reference the meeting number.

15.07.04 Business arising

There have been many applications for the open Faculty positions.

CRC Tier II Interviews did not result in any candidate.

15.07.05 Report of the Dean

5.1 The Dean submitted a written report

5.2 Outreach needs and initiatives

The MakerSpace has been very successful, but we have also determined that or Faculty is not as well known as the competition in some parts of the region. As a pilot program we will be undertaking a program whose objective is to engage more K-12 students and consolidate our relationships with schools and teachers. H. Anis, V. Samson, and F. Bouchard will be working on this. S. Evraire will also be serving as a consultant.

We have the faculty ambassadors who visit schools, but we need to do a lot more. It was suggested that parents of children in various schools be given resources and ideas about how to engage those schools. It was also suggested to leverage our own students, who could engage the schools where they had studied.

5.3 Cooperative education

The Dean recently had a discussion with Bruce Lazenby of Invest Ottawa. Co-op education is ‘ringing a bell’ with the business community; opportunities are increasing.

If the experiment with SEG becoming coop only is positive, the Dean suggested we consider adopting this model in the rest of the faculty, and also to the graduate level, which we are already doing in Computer Science and E-business.

Concern was expressed about whether we would have to constrain growth to ensure there would be enough jobs. One possible model would be ‘complementary professional experience’, which could consist of at least one of co-op, an internship, study abroad, community service, trying to launch a company or something similar. It was suggested to integrate an optional internship into the non-thesis masters program.

5.3 Alumni relations

C. Blais has left. Personal relationships are key in this file, so the fact that there have been four people in the last 10 years poses challenges.

The Dean announced we are going to start ‘beefing up’ the Alumni Relations sector in the Faculty. It has been agreed that Kyle Bournes’s position will become 100% focused on the Faculty of Engineering. He will continue to provide services to the Faculty of Science until that faculty hires someone. We have also started recruiting for the vacant Development Officer position.

At Telfer they have a position for Assistant Dean for external relations; similar positions exist in other faculties (Common Law, Medicine). The Dean proposes to follow this path too, and is working on a job description.

5.4 Information

Continuing Education: There was a pilot experience last year that was not successful. To be successful, the Faculty has to adopt a ‘market pull’ rather than an ‘institutional push’ strategy. The Dean pointed out that the PEO is moving towards required continuing professional education. They will have a town hall meeting in Ottawa on Sept 29th.

External review of central Faculty services: Many members of the Executive had meetings with the consultants. The reporting session was delayed to Sept 23rd.

Space review: This was initiated a year ago. Last week the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer received the first draft report; they will be correcting factual information as the next step. The Dean circulated a summary to the Executive. The report indicates that we have a significant shortage of space, and in particular we need space for Professor’s offices, research laboratories, Entrepreneurship and Design, project space, student space, graduate student space and so on. The report will be going to the Vice Presidents when complete.

There was discussion about space; in particular, I. Nistor asked whether it was possible to proceed faster on urgent needs, such as in the Graduate Office. The answer was, yes. There was discussion of office space, and underutilized space.

Data on Operating Revenues: For 2015-16, IRP have promised to update numbers by the end of September.

Other: It was pointed out that Carleton classes start on Sept 2, and that on Sept 4, classes there follow a Monday schedule.

Next Tuesday there will be information sessions for all new undergraduates; on Sept 17 and 18 there will be information sessions for graduate students. The Dean will be focusing on honesty, ethics and professionalism.

Starting October 6, the Dean will be meeting with all academic and service units. Dr. Anis will accompany him to meetings with the academic units to provide information on the objectives and programs of the Chair in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design.

The Maker Space will be holding an open house. The Ottawa Hospital just hired Frank Rybicki from Harvard as its Chief of Medical Imaging; he is a champion of 3D printing; our Faculty will be meeting with him.

15.07.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report.

We have alumni from Cité Collegiale and Algonquin who have equipment they could give us access to on a cost-recovery basis. Discussions to establish a research agreement are underway.

A CFI-JELF proposal from CVG is under development.

There will be a call in Fall 2016 for major CFI money. The Vice-Dean intends to start planning now for one or two proposals, which he hopes would be interdisciplinary.

The Faculty had submitted a proposal to CFREF that was not accepted. Three LOIs are currently on the table; two involving the Faculty of Engineering, one being a resubmission of the rejected proposal.

The Vice-Dean is putting together the Faculty Research Advisory Committee that will help with the big CFI proposal and the Faculty Strategic Action Plan for Research.

NSERC held a webinar on open-access publication. If faculty members have an NSERC grant with its start date after May 1, 2015, then every publication has to be open access. Gold means open access is immediate; green means there would be an embargo for 12 months or less. The SPARC Canadian Author Addendum (http://www.carl-abrc.ca/uploads/pdfs/EngPubAgree.pdf) can be used to negotiate with journals. We still have to be aware of the risk of predatory journals, and the importance of impact factor. There was extensive discussion of open access.

The Vice Dean gave an overview of the database of awards.

We have submitted three ERA applications. He discussed various other grants received and proposed, including CREATE and Industrial Research Chairs.

15.07.07 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report.

The Vice-Dean discussed scholarship outcomes including NSERC, OGS and Queen Elizabeth awards. The number of applications is a key criterion that determines the number of awards in future years, so we need to increase the number of applications. He will be visiting 4th year classes to encourage applications.

The Faculty has a similar number of applications for graduate studies as last year; we are number one or close to that ranking among faculties in the university for submissions, acceptances and registrations.

The Vice-Dean discussed time-to-completion. Last year MCG was listed as 10 years as the average; and this year only 5.8. Other programs have large variances too. The reasons are unclear, but likely relate to averaging small numbers of graduates only in the year they graduate.

The graduate student information programs are now 2.5 hours.

There will also be an event Sept 24th for new students.

The Vice-Dean discussed space needs. Currently there is insufficient space to meet daily needs; even he had to move out of his office there. There will be additional tasks for the graduate office to do when the FGPS is wound down.

The Vice-Dean urged Chairs to ask their graduate advisors to give some time to M.Eng students; supervisors take care of MA.Sc students but the M.Eng. students also need advice.

15.07.08 Reports of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report, various statistics, and a presentation to professors of first-year courses.

UOSyllabus is being developed. It is a little bit behind schedule. When complete it will allow capturing of graduate attributes.

Eight first-year Faculty of Engineering professors and program co-ordinators showed up to a presentation on first-year issues.

Orientation sessions: The central administration ran half-day programs for entering students. Two of our Faculty’s mentors spent time with the students. This year we attracted 154 students; we are the second-most popular faculty in this program.

Reorganization of the physical space in the Undergraduate Office has been completed.

There are 83 students coming from Morocco, 34 in Engineering.

The Vice-Dean reminded everybody that students who have studied for two years in French are eligible for Canadian fees. The Vice Dean pointed out that he sends letters to incoming Francophone students informing them of the nature of the programs in French (not all courses being available in higher years), so they are aware of the extend of French-language offerings. A social event will be held this year to interact with these students. The Vice Dean is also looking into other ways to help francophone students do some of their studies in English; this would include testing them, providing ESL courses, and perhaps creating something similar to the French Immersion program, but for English.

Admission statistics: As we have been increasing our averages required for admission. The percentage of students with admission averages over 85, and over 95 has been increasing.

15.07.09 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice-Dean discussed Francophone 3+2 students coming from China.

Twenty students will be coming this year to the 3+2 program. They were not offered intensive English this year due to low numbers. We are losing some students due to competition, mainly in the US.

We are starting our International Professional Training Program for Chinese professors. The first group will be coming shortly. The Vice-Dean will be welcoming them tomorrow night. These will be sitting in on courses. There will be interaction with the Bilingualism Institute and the Centre for University Teaching. We are planning to create an international experience fund (funded largely on one-time fees from the above), which could send 15 international students to get international experience. There was considerable discussion of this program.

R. Najulla (sp) will be working with us regarding outreach in India.

The Vice-Dean discussed the applied research day he attended at Algonquin.

The Vice-Dean discussed having PhD students go to China for research at Suchow University.

15.07.10 Reports from the Chairs/Directors

C. D’Amours discussed new hires and two open positions. C. Rennie also discussed their recent hires.

15.07.11 Reports of the Chief Administrative Officer

The university changed the percentages of overhead distributed. It has gone from 65% to 40%.

It was agreed to modify By-Law III-4.10 to keep the same proportions. Wording will be developed and brought to Faculty Council.

There was discussion of space issues.

15.07.12 Report of the Assistant to the Dean

Giving $300 honoraria to external evaluators for tenure and promotion was tried in 2014-2015 as a pilot project. Some were told they would be getting it in advance as an incentive; others were only informed after submitting their reports. The result was that it made no difference whether or not honoraria were offered in advance. It was decided to discontinue honoraria.

15.07.13 Report of the Alumni Relations Officer

The Alumni office is working the launch of a program for young graduates on Sept 22.

K. Bournes discussed sending those attending the Ontario Universities Fair to also visit alumni.

On October 3 the alumni office will be arranging a Panda Game event.

K Bournes discussed Spivo extreme selfies.

The USEED crowdfunding program has been launched to allow university groups to raise funds.

Oct 31 is the deadline for the Alumni’ Association’s Award of Excellence.

15.07.14 Reports from the Director of Communications and Marketing

V. Samson is working on the Faculty of Engineering program guide.

The TV monitor management system components have been ordered. Installation should take place in late September. There will also be one near the MakerSpace in addition to the previously planned ones.

Her team will be reaching out to students by email and brochures.

She discussed various upcoming events.

15.07.15 Other Business

There was none. The meeting adjourned at 12:08.

Timothy C. Lethbridge Vice-Dean (Governance)

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