Executive Committee Meeting 2014.05

Minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that interventions and motions will be reported in the language in which they were made.

Minutes of the Meeting held 13:30 June 24, 2014, in room CBY A-707


C. Laguë (Dean), M. Labrosse (Incoming Interim Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance), C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS), B. Jodoin (Chair MCG), N. Baddour (Incoming Chair, MCG), S. Vanapalli (Chair, CVG), D. Taylor (Chair, CHG), H. Viktor (EECS-CSI), V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications), L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer), K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)


S. Tavoularis (Interim Vice-Dean, Research), I. Nistor (Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies)

14.05.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved

14.05.02 Minutes of the last meeting (April 28)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Some motions were passed by email vote between meetings (refer to appendix).

14.05.03 Business arising

A memorandum of settlement with the APUO has been signed regarding the APUO’s grievance about our guidelines for tenure and promotion. The Faculty Executive will need to review and approve (if acceptable) any changes the APUO may propose to the guidelines.

14.05.04. FTPC nomination

On a motion duly moved and seconded it was approved to nominate W. Hallett as a member of the FTPC.

14.05.05 Nominations for the 2014 Faculty of Engineering Alumni Awards of Excellence

The Committee considered three (3) nominations for the 2014 Alumnus/Alumnae Award of Excellence. On a motion duly moved and seconded, it was approved to award Tony Stelliga the 2014 Faculty of Engineering Alumnus of the Year Award.

The Committee considered one (1) nomination for the 2014 Alumnus/Alumnae Entrepreneur of the Year Award. On a motion duly moved and seconded, it was approved to award Charles Rifici the 2014 Faculty of Engineering Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The Committee considered six (6) nominations for the 2014 Young Alumnus/Alumnae Award of Excellence. On a motion duly moved and seconded, it was approved to award Kamil Mroz the Faculty of Engineering Young Alumnus Award of Excellence

14.05.06 Report of the Dean

6.1 The Dean submitted a written report (attached)

6.2. Freed-up space in CBY and SITE halls: Recommendations of the Faculty Space Committee

The Executive discussed the extensive list of lab and office reallocations proposed by the Space Committee. This primarily resulted from professors moving to the new ARC building. The Executive approved most of the changes and made some adjustments; additional fine-tuning will be needed.

6.3. Retreat of the Extended Executive Committee (May 27, 2014) – Next steps

Executive members have received the report from the retreat, and the Dean has asked them to send specific recommendations to the Vice-Dean Governance by August 22nd. In particular:

  • The vision statement needs to be captured in 4 sentences.
  • For the action plan, Executive members are asked to send the top 20 items. The Vice Dean Governance will compile the results for discussion at our next meeting.
  • Executive members are asked to send recommendations for actions related to succession planning, including compensation packages for academic leaders, and to external relations.

The Dean will be developing one-page position descriptions for the Chair/Director and Coordinator of program of studies positions using the same model as for the Vice-Dean and Faculty Coordinator positions.

6.4. Academic Activity Indicators

There were suggestions for changing the current system for academic activity indicators. One suggestion was to add quality factors such as H-index or teaching evaluations. It was also suggested to use dollar figures instead of FTE student enrolment data.

It was agreed to establish a working committee of chairs and other interested Executive members to work towards a proposed revised set of indicators. D. Taylor will chair.

6.5. Pavillon des anciens

Until now, we are the only faculty that has not contributed.

It was agreed that the Faculty of Engineering would contribute $25,000 to participate in this project.

6.6. Information items

The Dean will forward certain additional information to the Executive

14.05.07 Report of the Interim Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice Dean was travelling.

14.05.08 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

M. Labrosse discussed enrolment; the numbers look good.

The International scholarship selection process is underway.

Admission files are up-to-date and processed.

14.05.09 Reports of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean sent a written report (attached).

The Vice Dean was at a meeting where he was shown a preview of a report that shows graduates of our Faculty have consistently higher salaries than graduates of the other direct-entry faculties.

There was a meeting to discuss standardization of degree titles. We will not at this time be changing our titles to include the term 'honours'.

The academic regulations are being adjusted to clarify that for any student taking one of our courses, the passing grade will be D+ for all level 2000 courses and above. Previously, students of other faculties taking our courses may have had a lower pass mark.

Katrina Roebuck will be conducting review sessions for students writing deferred and supplemental examinations for mathematics courses.

At the end of August there will be special meeting of the Undergraduate Council to discuss changes to the regulation on academic fraud.

Certain admissions conditions that had not previously been enforced will now be enforced.

The Vice Dean will be analysing the correlations between admission averages and success, in various categories. We will then look to adjust the admission criteria in cases where the success rate does not correspond to what is anticipated. Other mathematical models of success will also be studied.

There was discussion of adding sections to certain courses.

14.05.10 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice Dean circulated a written report (attached).

We accepted a lower percentage of 3+2 students this year by focusing on admission GPA. But there is little correlation between performance and admission GPA and there have been some changes in the way grades are converted to the uOttawa scale. The Vice-Dean discussed various aspects of how the 3+2 programs are administered. He discussed how the 3+2 program has expanded to other faculties, where it will focus on Francophones.

The Vice-Dean visited Chile and Brazil, focusing 5 engineering schools. He discussed his experiences in this trip.

The Vice-Dean discussed his upcoming trips and meetings.

14.05.11 Reports from the Chairs/Directors

C. D'Amours indicated that EECS has agreed not to have a single associate director, and instead to have a School Executive, which will consist of the Undergraduate Coordinators, the OCIECE and OCICS Graduate Coordinators plus the Director; inclusion of other graduate co-ordinators is being considered. The coordinators would be renamed Associate Directors. It was suggested that this latter change could be mirrored in the departments.

14.05.12 Reports from the Chief Administrative Officer

Health and Safety training is to be done by June 30th.

The Faculty Development Fund will be meeting.

The Chief Administrative Officer offered to help with Job descriptions for the newly added support staff positions.

14.05.13 Reports from the Assistant to the Dean (Human Resources)

Not all annual reports have been completed.

14.05.14 Reports from the Faculty Alumni Relations Officer

K. Bournes will announce the Alumni awards decided upon earlier in the meeting. All the candidates will be congratulated on their nominations.

14.05.15 Reports from the Director (Communications and Marketing)

V. Samson submitted a written report (attached).

The Executive expressed that they are not happy with a proposed icon for the faculty.

V. Samson will ask professors for research they might be interested in highlighting, and will follow up with chairs.

For Welcome Week, there will be the presentations and BBQ on Sept 2.

There could be a Yuk Yuks night on the Thursday, with a limited number of tickets awarded to students who are willing to do a task such as evaluate the Faculty components of Welcome Week.

14.05.16 Other Business

It was agreed to simplify the format of the minutes as posted on the web for all minutes dating back to January. This is due to regulations that require material posted on the web to be accessible. Images, tables and signatures, for example, will no longer be included.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:30.

                                     Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

Appendix: Motions passed by email between the last meeting and this meeting

The winner of the Faculty's Part Time Professor of the Year award is Fadi Malek.

The winner of the Teaching Assistant of the Year award is Diman Ghazi

OCICS: Modification of fields of study (Deletion of all fields in the Master and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science)

OCICS: Update the definition of what is considered to be “equivalent” to an honours university program in Computer Science, for admissions.

Minor modifications to CSI5175: Changing course description and adding it to OCICS courses in the computer applications (A) and computer systems (S) areas.

EBT: Update name and description for ADM6274

EBT: Update name and description for ADM6275

EBT: Update name and description for ADM6276

EBT: Update name and description for EBC6230

EBT: Changing the number of course credits; not listing credits for the thesis; removing DCL7301 and replace it with a choice of either ISI6310 or CMN5115; and updating the list of optional courses.


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