Faculty Council Meeting 2019.02

InformationThe minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that the interventions and proposals will be made in the language in which they were made.

Faculty of Engineering Faculty Council Meeting 2019.01

10:30 Feb 11, 2019, in room CBY A707


Officers of the Faculty

  • J. Beauvais
  • M. Dubé,
  • L. Peyton, M. Labrosse
  • M. Bouchard
  • D. Taylor
  • T. Lethbridge
  • B. Kruczek
  • C. D’Amours
  • N. Baddour
  • C. Adams.


C. Lan, JP. St. Pierre, B. Martin-Perez, J. Infante Sedano, K. Dolgaleva, J. Yao, B. Dhillon, A. Week, I. Catelas, E. Lanteigne.


S. Gandolfini, H. Howes, F. Bouchard.


M. Salehi, I. Alainachi, A. Gowling, S. Wang, W.Q. Hu, C. Choueifaty.


Officers of the Faculty

C. Rennie


B. Lessard, M. Noël, J. L. De Carufel, F. Robitaille.


A. Belcin, M. Habbouche, A. Ahmed.



E. Baranova, X. Cao, A. Jrade, R. Narbaitz, H. Schriemer, H. Al Osman, K. Hinzer, D. Inkpen, S. Loyka, G.-V. Jourdan,


Y. Hagar, D. Singh Bhamgu, H. Hegazy, E. Sia, B. Khozema, C. St-Denis.

19.01.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

19.01.02 Minutes of the last meeting (December 2019)

The minutes had been approved electronically.

19.01.03 Matters arising from the minutes

There were none.

19.01.04 Report of the Dean

Health and Safety

There were some incidents of injury to students in January. Following each incident, measures were taken to prevent future similar incidents. The Dean indicated that the Faculty is continually improving its processes for dealing with health and safety matters, and giving high visibility to them. There has been a change in culture: in particular, the fact that labs are now visible from outside has made a difference. There have been delays in labs due to the required follow-up to certain incidents. We are trying to improve the process for lab safety training.


All of the STEM building has re-opened following its closure due to a failure of a glass panel. The atrium and the event room were closed for an extended period. We were lucky that the failure did not cause any injury. Netting is currently in place to eliminate the risk. Some researchers have not moved into their lab due to issues such as problems with service lines and drainage.

Other matters

Applications for admission for next year have increased yet again, particularly in graduate studies. At the undergraduate level, we are focusing on increasing the number of students who list us as their first choice. We are piggy-backing on the central recruiting office’s visits to schools. We are trying to keep the number of students stable, rather than letting it increase. The Dean pointed out that it makes a significant difference when students come to the Open House. In addition, he pointed out that the presence of professors at the Open House has a significant influence on students and their parents.

The percentage of women undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering is currently 22%, which is barely an increase in percentage terms over the last 10 years. More than half of the school-age students the Outreach team interacts with are girls.

The Dean was at the 30-by-30 national workshop. This is the goal of the regulators to have 30% of licenced engineers be women by 2030. Many Faculties of Engineering, including us, are finding it challenging to increase the percentage of women towards 30%. It has been suggested that some universities that are moving towards a greater percentage of women might be undertaking affirmative action. At the graduate level we admit 50% women, which is a strong sign. Another strong sign is that of those participating in workshops designed to encourage students to become student members of PEO, a slight majority are women.

19.01.05 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean provided a written report. There are three teams preparing submissions to CFI-IF, and there is also involvement of some professors with applications led by other Faculties. There is no information yet about implementation of the changes to the NSERC partnership program: CRDs are expected to remain the same, but once the changes are implemented, Engage applications will no longer be accepted.

The Kanata North location looks very nice and there are many events planned.

We have three CRCs in process.

The Vice-Dean’s annual report on research is planned to be tabled at the next Faculty Council.

The Vice-Dean, along with the Dean, visited TEC Monterrey in Mexico. This follows an earlier visit by the Vice-Dean International and Vice-Dean QATI. We expect to collaborate in many contexts and form a strategic partnership with TEC Monterrey. They have many similar facilities to ours, such as a learning crossroads and a makerspace. They are planning to completely change their teaching approach starting in August, with a drastic reduction in lecturing. They use holographic projection so a professor on one campus can appear in another. There will be a speaker who formerly was at TEC Monterrey at the conference of the Canadian Engineering Education Association at uOttawa, in June. They have offered an opportunity for some of our students to participate in a special summer program at TEC Monterrey.

19.01.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

  • All the program change requests that were submitted in the autumn have been approved by the Senate.
  • The Undergraduate Office is working on improving processes, such as those for prerequisite waivers.
  • The Vice-Dean is preparing a document for new professors regarding university regulations. This will be a ‘Readers Digest’ of the existing university regulations website.
  • The Vice-Dean’s office is preparing for the open house, which will be held on Saturday March 16. Professors are encouraged to interact with prospective students at this event.

19.01.07 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

  • There is a big push from the Provost’s office on revitalization of programs.
  • The Faculty of Engineering has 2/3rds of all uOttawa international graduate students. For the second year in a row our number of applications has doubled. We are trying to improve the quality of students and programs rather than admitting larger numbers of students.

Masters in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design

  • H. Anis presented this program. It is an M.Eng program that focuses on design in the context of start-ups. In the first two semesters, students will take courses, then will undertake an internship (not paid by default) at a start-up for the summer in order to gain start-up experience and learn about the start-up ecosystem. After this, students will work on an engineering design project, potentially creating their own start-up.
  • H. Anis pointed out that there is a lot of demand from start-ups for such students and she has been placing students already in internships. There would be a need for a projects co-ordinator to do the match-making after the program is established.
  • The engineering fields of the program will be aligned with the strategic directions of the Faculty.
  • Tomorrow the Faculty will be launching a podcast called Make the Future; one episode will address the issue of being involved in a start-up.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council voted to approve the Masters in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design program.

Proposed Online Graduate Programs in Engineering Management

  • The Vice-Dean discussed this proposed program. Approval will take place later.
  • The development of this online program is enabling us to learn how to develop online programs in general.

Poster competition

This will be held March 6 in the afternoon.

19.01.08 Strategic Planning

The University is organizing a series of events to gather input for a strategic planning process. The Board of Governors is expecting a completed plan by May.

The Faculty of Engineering is distinct in several ways. For example, we have a particularly strong program of interaction with alumni. In order to provide input to the University process, Faculty Council held a discussion using the following process: Council members were asked to comment on which of the six areas (listed below) should be given the highest priority in the strategic plan. Then Council members were asked to vote for up to three of these areas. The following paragraphs list the areas, along with general comments received about each area and the votes received regarding which should be the top three areas of focus.

  1. Transformative Learning: A question was raised about whether we need to focus more on mid-career education, or adapt programs and teaching styles to this need. It was suggested that students working in industry in the classroom should affect students doing their first degree. It was suggested that we move in the direction of less time in the formal lecture format. It was suggested that we need to focus on this since this is what our clientele needs.This received 29 votes (ranked first).
  2. Cutting Edge Research: This is a big part of what a lot of us do. It was suggested that we need to rank this first to ensure we remain among the top universities. We have room for growth here. This received 26 votes (ranked second).
  3. Talented and Dedicated Staff: This is an absolutely vital part of executing on any goal. It was pointed out that we do a ‘terrible’ job of training anybody for this. This received 8 votes.
  4. Committed to Our Community: The question was raised about what this means: It means sharing the outcomes of our work and giving back. This received 17 votes (ranked third).
  5. Franco-Ontarian and Franco-Canadian Culture: A question was raised about why this does not in fact cover the whole of the Francophonie in the title, although the background description does cover the broader international Francophone community. This received 0 votes.
  6. Effective Governance: It was pointed out that it is not clear what this means. This received 1 vote.

It was pointed out that areas 6 and 3 can be undertaken in parallel to the others, without having a negative effect on them. It was suggested that other items can be integrated too.

19.01.09 Other Business

The meeting concluded at 12:09.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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