Faculty Council Meeting 2018.02

Faculty of Engineering Faculty Council Meeting 2018.01

9:00 February 6, 2018, in room SITE 5084


Officers of the Faculty

J. Beauvais, M. Dubé, M. Turcotte, J. Zhang, L. Peyton, B. Kruczek, N. Baddour, C. Rennie, C. Adams.


B. Lessard, A. Jrade, J. Infante Sedano, E. Petriu, H. AL-Osman. Zouaq, K. Dolgaleva, G-V. Jourdan, E. Lanteigne, M. Noel, M. Bouchard, J. De Carufel, E. Baranova, X.Cao, B. Martin-Perez, I. Catelas. B. Dhillon, R. Narbaitz.


S. Gandolfini, F. Bouchard. D. Rodas-Wright.


B. Taji, S. El Husseini, N. Rastogi, M.Rajaie, E. Fayomi, K. Awan, Z. Al-Faesly, C. Digvijaysinh, F. Gohier.


Officers of the Faculty

I. Nistor, D. Taylor, C. D’Amours.


F. Robitaille, J. Yao, A. Weck.


V. Samson.


B. Uwineza, M. Habbouche.



S. Loyka, C.Lan,


I. Enuoyibo, M. Shikh Hassan, A. Aboukarr, C. Chandel,

Presentation, Dr.Al Perks, Engineer in Residence, CVG

Interesting presentation on the progress so far in having open-ended design projects. Before Dr. Perks started there were maybe 1 or 2 external projects out of 20 or so.  Now there are only 1 or 2 that are not external.  Projects from right across country as well as in Ottawa.  For most municipalities the focus is on buildings, roads, water and waste water.  Have to plan how to use external collaborates well to respect their.  Two page brochure for outside collaborators. Sometimes communication is an issue for students, but they are being mentored in professional communication.  There is a capstone newsletter that comes out once a semester to let students and outside collaborators know what is happening.

18.01.01 Approval of the Agenda

The undergraduate SEG motion was removed from the agenda, as it had not yet been reviewed by the Faculty Curriculum Committee, and then the agenda was approved.

18.01.02 Minutes of the last meeting (November 27, 2017)

The minutes had already been approved electronically.

18.01.03 Matters arising from the minutes


18.01.04 Report of the Dean

This is a summary of the dean’s oral presentation.

STEM building remains on track from a calendar point of view.   We should start to move into the new building sometime after the end of April.

We no longer have a functioning freight elevator in CBY and it will not be operational for a few months.  Alternate arrangements and processes have been put in place to keep us operational with special attention to safety procedures.

We would like to recruit faculty candidates and help them apply for prizes from outside organizations, not just the ones that the faculty awards.

Grad student poster competition in March will be same as last year, but one extra dimension in that each student will self-identify in which of the five Faculty research strengths they should be classified and have an award for each of those areas.

The Faculty Strategic Plan 2011-2016 has been completed, and we are starting to plan for a process to develop a new strategic plan. 

18.01.05 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.

Next workshop Feb. 28 – Technology for Digital Transformation of society
Reminder that the Office of Vice-President Research has internal funding deadlines coming up (including for hosting conferences at uOttawa).

Strategic project grants – 12 LOIs submitted this year.

NSERC grants – about 60% run into some sort of problem at submission time (system down, file is not loading etc.).  We will probably move internal deadline up a day or two for next year.

18.01.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.

Discussion of indicators: enrolment (numbers stabilized), retention rate (went from 80 to 88 for RET1 – returned for 2nd year at uOttawa, not necessarily same program), applications (first/second/third choice).
Good number of applications, but number who selected uOttwa engineering as first choice could be improved.

101 (Ontario high school) applications are stable, except CSI and SEG have a big increase in applications.

18.01.07 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.
Number of applications is similar to last year, although closing date is much earlier.
Minor motion for EBT program (update descriptions, introduces Topics courses) was presented and passed.

18.01.08 Reports of the Vice Dean (International)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.
3+2 successful and other initiatives have been very successful in raising profile of faculty and brining in revenue.
Now focusing on internationalization within the faculty to encourage and fund students to go on international exchanges for their graduate studies.  Developing framework of layered training to prepare students.

18.01.9 Reports of the Vice Dean (Quality Assurance and Teaching Innovation)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report.
Preparing the written response to MGB accreditation visit repot.
Teaching innovation initiatives summarized.  Update on the bid to host the 2019 CEEA (Canadian Engineering Education Association) conference.

18.01.10 Other Business


The meeting concluded at 10:00.

Liam Peyton, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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