Faculty Council Meeting 2017 | 01

Minutes of the meeting held at 13:00 January 31, 2017, in room CBY A707


Officers of the Faculty
I. Nistor, M. Dubé, M. Labrosse, M. Turcotte, J. Zhang, T. Lethbridge, N. Baddour, C. Rennie, H. Viktor.

K. Kirkwood, A. Tremblay, B. Lessard, J. Infante Sedano, A. Jrade, B. Martin-Perez, R. Narbaitz, M. Noel, G-V. Jourdan, J. Lang, P. Galko, E. Petriu, J. De Carufel, B. Dhillon, F. Robitaille, A. Weck, I. Catelas, E. Lanteigne.

S. Gandolfini, V. Samson, D. Rodas-Wright, F. Bouchard, K. Bournes.

C. Atallah, A. Griffin, A. Pawliszko, F. Singerman, F. Gohier, V. Carpani.


Officers of the Faculty,
D. Taylor, C. D'Amours, B. Kruczek.

S. Omelon, J. Yao, A. Zouaq, H. Al-Osman.

N.Rastogi, R. Kanjani.


C. Lan, S. Loyka, K. Dolgaleva.

E. Zhou, G. Singh, C. Fliesser, K.Chu, K, Chernega, Z. Lin.

17.01.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved, with a minor adjustment.

17.01.02 Minutes of the last meeting (Nov 16, 2016)

The minutes had been approved electronically.

17.01.03 Matters arising from the minutes

Matters arising from minutes were included in the Dean’s Report.

17.01.04 Reports of the Vice Dean (International)

The Vice Dean just returned from China.

He discussed the unfortunate case of Chinese visiting professor Ling Shi, who passed away while swimming at a private residence.

He discussed visits to New Zealand and Australia, where he has been attempting to find opportunities for our students to have international experiences.

CHG is looking into a joint program with Tianjin University.

The number of applications for scholarships to travel abroad was lower than expected.

17.01.05 Report of the Interim Dean

The Interim Dean circulated a written report.

He congratulated. Frank Bouchard and his Outreach team for receiving an NSERC grant for outreach activities.

5.1 Budget Presentation

The Interim Dean presented a series of slides regarding the budgetary situation that he had sent to all Council members. This presentation had been previously prepared and presented at the University Budget Committee in the end of December 2016.

Over the next month, the interim Dean will be looking at each Academic Unit’s finances.

The Dean reminded Council members that one of our strategic goals is to become one of the top-five engineering and computer science schools in Canada.

He discussed enrolment statistics. We have significantly higher growth than the national average. He pointed out the importance of our M.Eng. programs. We have significantly more students per FTE professor at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as compared to our ‘comparator’ universities. We are number one in the university among the UOttawa faculties at the graduate level. Our numbers of applications have increased massively; at the graduate level they have gone up over 500%. The numbers of support staff and professors has not kept pace with the increase in students. Class sizes are significantly larger than the university of Ottawa average.

He discussed potential impacts of hypothetical cuts of 4% and 8%. He also discussed opportunities that might assist with our finances, particularly bolstering recruitment, retention, internationalization and fund raising, as well as generating self-funding initiatives.

5.2 STEM Building

The signoff regarding space in the STEM building occurred last week after a lengthy meeting on January 26, 2016.

5.3 Other

There will be two convocation ceremonies for our Faculty on June 20th at Shaw Centre

The Iron Ring ceremony will be held on March 25th.

On March 9th there will be an “Engineers on the Hill” event on Parliament Hill.

17.01.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.

We have begun work on promotion documents for MCG and CVG

M. Mahoney has become our second full-time research facilitator.

The Vice-Dean submitted a report on Faculty research revenue and discussed statistics regarding this revenue. Most of our revenue comes from Discovery Grants. Research grant funding is essentially healthy. The Vice-Dean noted that there was some variability in the data, which was not surprising given the size of some individual grants relative to total revenues.

There was discussion about strategic research directions, and whether they should be broadened. It was pointed out that while U of Toronto is twice as large, it has many more than twice as many strategic areas.

17.01.07 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report.

The huge uoCampus project has now entered the support and stabilization phase. He discussed various successes and challenges with it.

The Vice-Dean discussed admissions. This past year there were about 1,250 first-year students, resulting in a total of 4,054 undergraduate students. For demographic reasons, there is expected to be less of an increase this year, as compared to recent years. We have recently significantly increased our admission averages; this has had a positive effect on our second-year university retention rate. There are some challenges regarding the number of Francophone applicants.

17.01.08 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

Motions passed last time in the Faculty Council have been approved at the  Senate.

We are preparing to rank OGS and NSERC scholarship applications.

Graduate poster day will be held on March 30th (change from a previously announced date of March 31).

There has been a suggestion to arrange for graduate students in the Department of English to help review graduate theses in Faculty of Engineering for a fee.

The research office will be providing some guidance regarding new workflow processes, including using uoCampus for approving progress reports.

17.01.09 Other Business

The meeting concluded at 14:15.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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