Faculty Council Meeting 2015 | 02

Minutes of the meeting held 13:00 on April 29, 2015, in room CBY A707


Officers of the Faculty
C. Laguë (Dean), H. Tezel (Vice-Dean Research), J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean Governance), ), S. Vanapalli (Chair, CVG), N. Baddour (Chair, MCG), C. D’Amours (Director, EECS), H. Viktor (Associate Director, CSI), V. Samson (Marketing and Communications, non-voting), K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)

K. Kirkwood, A. Tremblay, B. Kruckzek, H. Aoude,  J. Infante Sedano, C. Rennie, M. Fall, E. Petriu, E. Dubois, A. Nayak,  J. Lang, P. Galko, S. Shirmohammadi, C. Adams, K. Hinzer, W. Gueaieb, B. Dhillon, E. Lanteigne, L. Peyton (Non-Voting)

H. Singh Chawla, B. Bhusan Dash, V. Parisien, S. Lau-Chapdelaine, A. ElMeligy, M. Bondok, A. Malkawi, A. Ali, P. Singh Sandhu, S. Chan, A. Aboukarr, J. Zhu, A, S. Bisson


Officers of the Faculty
M. Labrosse (Interim Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), D. Taylor (Chair, CHG), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer, non-voting)

S. Omelon, M. Mohareb, M. Doumit, H. Mouftah, K. Dolgaleva, F. Robitaille, M. Nganbe,

J. You


C. Lan, I Catelas

L. Chen

15.02.01 Presentation on the Campus Master Plan

Claudio Brun del Re (Executive Director, Facilities) and Luc Généreux (Director – Strategic Planning and Client Engagement) updated everybody on the Campus Master Plan. C. Brun del Re presented various maps showing the potential future campus, and described the vision for various spaces. There are no short-term plans to change the CBY and SITE buildings. Eventually the CBY envelope is likely to need replacing. Mr. Brun del Re confirmed the feasibility of adding a 2-storey addition (light frame construction) above Block E of CBY Hall. The website for feedback is at www.uottawamasterplan.ca . There was an extended question-and-answer period.

15.02.02 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

15.02.03 Minutes of the last meeting (Feb 11)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved.

15.02.04 Matters arising from the minutes

The Dean updated Council on various matters.

Since the February meeting, the issue of the future of the FGPS has been under further discussion. The plan is for the FGPS to be eventually abolished and replaced by an Office of Graduate Studies that would continue to be led by an academic leader. It is not yet clear what kind of deployment of resources to faculties will result. The proposed changes will be coming to the June 8 meeting of Senate. There will be a transition period; the FGPS will continue to exist until the introduction of the new Student Information System in the fall of 2016, and an interim Dean will be appointed.

The CEAB review process for the Faculty of Engineering is now complete. The programs being accredited have commented on the report from the visiting team. We expect to hear the results before July 1.

Next week there is a joint workshop organized by Engineers Canada to discuss accreditation. Deans in Québec have assessed the amount extra workload since the adoption of outcome-based accreditation, and have determined that it has been multiplied by three.

The Dean indicated that he would like to identify short-term concrete actions regarding engineering design and complementary studies content in our UG programs of studies in engineering.

The Dean congratulated Michel Labrosse and his team, the Communications and Marketing team, and the Alumni and Development team for the excellent job they did in organizing the Graduate Poster Day on March 31.

15.02.05 Report of the Dean

The Dean discussed the desirability of increasing the amount of content in Engineering Design and Complementary Studies in our UG programs of studies in engineering. He pointed out that students will get more from the program when Engineering Design content is higher; he also pointed out that entrepreneurial opportunities would be higher, including social entrepreneurship.

The Dean discussed the (CEED)2 initiative and action plan, focused on Design and Entrepreneurship. Past recipients of the Alumni Award of Excellence are enthusiastic about the plan and will be presenting it to the Executive.

During discussion, it was suggested to have full-year design courses in years other than fourth year. It was also suggested that a portion of Engineering Science (ES) AUs could be required to be put on the ‘sacrificial block’ by each program, and that a portion of ES AUs should be taught through design, and hence become ED AUs.

There was discussion of the new first-year GNG2101 course, which will be offered in the fall.

The Dean invited everybody to look at the Environmental Scan from Engineers Canada at https://www.engineerscanada.ca/engineering-profession-environmental-scan.

The Dean reported on the periodical space review that is ongoing. He hopes it will highlight the need for more space of all types, particularly space for students and labs.

The Dean reported on the Engineering Endowment Fund. It was established in 2003 and receives contributions from undergraduate engineering students. The purpose is to support undergraduate student activities and initiatives.  40% of the funds are available for spending in the year they are contributed; the other 60% is invested to grow the fund. All the interest revenues have so far been reinvested. The capital balance is currently about $1.4M. With the agreement of the Engineering Students Society, it has been decided to now start using some of the interest to support ongoing activities, in the amount of about $40-$50K per year. We can spend up to 3.5% every year. This would double the amount available each year to support student activities.

15.02.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean reported that the Discovery Grant success rate was 75%, which is higher than the national average. She also reported on various other successes, some of which are only unofficial so far.

The Vice-Dean is working on some Industrial Research Chair opportunities, as well as on a CRC Tier 2 chair in Engineered Advanced Materials.

Tuesday May 5 there will be the Dean’s Lunch. Various colleagues and industrial partners will be present.

The Vice-Dean had lunch with some alumni while in Calgary.

The Vice-Dean will be attending the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to represent the Faculty. The University will have a booth at this event.

The Dean pointed out that GM Canada will be hiring Software and Control Engineers in Oshawa.

15.02.07 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice Dean thanked everybody for the recent E-Vote on French translations of certain courses.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved the Honours BSc with Specialization in Physics/BASc in Electrical Engineering, with the understanding that the Director of EECS commits to add Engineering Design content by switching material with high Engineering Science content to Engineering Design format by the time the program is offered for the first time.

This program is built on existing programs. It is planned to start in September 2016. There was discussion of the reduction in Engineering Design (ED) of 17 AUs. The Dean expressed a concern in this regard. It was pointed out that in the future, changes to the core ELG program would be reflected in this program, hence increasing ED.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved the creation of a new Honours BSc with Specialization in Computer Science, Data Science option.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved the creation of SEG1911 Professional Communication and Responsibility / Communication et responsabilité professionnelle.

This will also be a pre-requisite for co-op in the SEG program. It will be delivered in large part online, by the co-op office and by TAs. The Associate Director for SEG will co-ordinate the course as part of his/her administrative duties.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to restructure the first year of software engineering.

Key changes are to provide alternative paths regarding science courses.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to change the admission requirements for Software Engineering.

Key changes will be that Physics 4U will be replaced as a pre-requisite with the choice of one of:  Physics 4U, Chemistry 4U, Biology 4U, or Computing 4U. Also there will be changes to the calculation of admission averages.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to create courses:

  •   MCG4XXX Corrosion: Principles, Prevention and Control
  •   MCG4XXX: Product Design and Development
  •   MCG4XXX: Introduction to Composite Materials.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved:

a) To update the course description and title of MCG4127/MCG4157

b) To delete the following courses from the calendar

  • MCG4131/MCG4531 Production Engineering
  • MCG4109/MCG4509 Analysis of Engineering Problems
  • MCG4125/MCG4525 Biomedical Manufacturing Processes
  • MCG4175/MCG4575 Engineering Management and Economics
  • MCG4327/ MCG4727 Quality Control in Equipment Design and Manufacturing
  • MCG4331/MCG4731Process Planning
  • MCG4333/MCG4733 Instrumentation for Measurement and Control
  • MCG4108/MCG4508 Industrial Control Systems
  • MCG4324/MCG4724 Value Engineering and Analysis.

c) To change in the contact hours for MCG4340

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to remove the ability for students who obtain “E” in 1000-level courses to be eligible to write a supplemental examination.

There was discussion of the fact that most students who take supplementals fail. Many advisors tell students not to take supplementals and to repeat courses anyway. Various consequences and alternatives to this proposal were discussed. The final vote was 20 in favour, 7 against, 4 abstentions.

15.02.08 Report of the Interim Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to reduce the number of courses in Master of Applied Sciences (M.A.Sc.) in Environmental Engineering from 6 to 5.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to drop the requirement for participation in the graduate student seminar series in the Master of Engineering (MEng) in Environmental Engineering (course work option). (there were1 opposed and 2 abstentions)

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Council approved to add the MASc program in Environmental Engineering as a participant in the Collaborative Program in Environmental Sustainability.

A member commented on the lack of co-op options in graduate programs, other than in OCICS.

15.02.09 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice-Dean circulated a written report. The Vice-Dean said he is focusing on opportunities to send our students out to international destinations. He is working with the co-op office on this.

15.02.10 Other Business

The meeting was adjourned at 15:57.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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