Faculty Council Meeting 2014 | 03

Minutes of the meeting held 13:30 October 14, 2014, in room STE 5084

Officers of the Faculty
C. Laguë (Dean, H. Tezel (Vice-Dean Research), M. Labrosse (Interim Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean Governance), S. Vanapalli (CVG), N. Baddour (Cair, MCG), C. D’Amours (-Director, EECS), H. Viktor (Co- Ordinator, CSI), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer, non-voting), V. Samson (Marketing and Communications, non-voting)

K. Kirkwood, C. Lan, B. Kruczek, H. Aoude, M. Mohareb, J. Infante Sedano, C. Rennie, C. Adams, E. Petriu, K. Dolgaleva, E. Dubois, P. Galko, W. Gueaieb, K. Hinzer, J. Lang, A. Nayak, B. Dhillon, C. Mavriplis, E. Lanteigne, H. Mouftah,

Md Mahmud Hasan (EECS-ELG)

Officers of the Faculty;
J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), D. Taylor (Chair, CHG)

S. Omelon, S. Shirmohammadi, M. Doumit

A. Macchi, M. Fall, M. Nganbe,

14.03.01 NSERC – Pratt & Whitney Canada Chair for Women in Engineering and Science for Ontario: Progress report (Dr. Catherine Mavriplis)

C. Mavriplis discussed the work of her Chair, including many events in which she and other NSERC
WISE chairs have been involved. She discussed writing a book and creating an archive. The scope of
her work runs from K-12 (and their parents) and up. Focuses are on recruitment to the profession,
retention and advancement, and research. There have been 16 events reaching 828 K-12 + University
girls, and 5 events reaching out to 1143 professionals, plus various other types of events.

14.03.02 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved

14.03.03 Minutes of the last meeting (April 14th)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved, with minor adjustments.

14.03.04 Matters arising from the minutes

The Faculty Guidelines for tenure and promotion are currently under discussion with the APUO.

The proposal for a Chair in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design is being moved forward, with a site
visit scheduled for December 8, 2014.

The retreat of the extended Faculty Executive was held in May; we are still ‘digesting’ the results,
including updating the action plan.

14.03.05 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean circulated the latest admission statistics.

Five of the programs have submitted their CEAB accreditation documentation.

The Vice-Dean presented a series of curriculum changes. On motions duly moved and seconded,
Faculty Council approved the following:
• UG 01 Changes to MCG Controls courses MCG 3306/3706, MCG 3307/3707, removal of
MCG3142 from the MGB program, and various pre-requisite changes
• UG 02 To remove Chemistry 4U as an admission prerequisite for the SEG program
• UG 03 CHG3331 to move DGD hours to LAB hours
• UG 04_01 CVG - Calendar change for CVG1107_CVG1507
• UG 04_02 CVG - Calendar change for CVG2107_CVG2507
• UG 04_03 CVG - Calendar change for CVG2116_CVG2516
• UG 04_04 CVG - Calendar change for CVG2132_CVG2532
• UG 04_06 CVG - Calendar change for CVG2171_CVG2571
• UG 04_07 CVG - Calendar change for CVG3106
• UG 04_08 CVG - Calendar change for CVG3141
• UG 04_09 CVG - Calendar change for CVG3147
• UG 04_10 CVG - Calendar change for CVG4108
• UG 04_13 CVG - Calendar change for CVG4150
• UG 04_05 CVG - Calendar change for CVG2141 and CVG2541 to reflect current practice
(affects both CVG and SEG)
• UG 04_15 Calendar change for GNG1105, GNG1505 – Changing contact hours. Affects all
engineering programs.
• UG 04_11 CVG - Calendar change for CVG4130
• UG 04_12 CVG - Calendar change to description and number of hours for CVG4143
• UG 04_14 CVG - Calendar change for CVG4175
• UG 04_16 CVG - Removal of CVG4107 and CVG4111
• UG 04_17 CVG - Removal of CVG4132
• UG 04_18 CVG - Removal of FEM2106 / FEM2506

14.03.06 Report of the Dean

The Dean thanked those who had worked on the preparation for the CEAB accreditation visit,
particularly Marcel Turcotte. The Dean urged everybody to keep their calendar open for Nov 27-29.

The Dean observed that a program not currently undergoing CEAB accreditation review is facing
issues related to assignment of engineering science and engineering design courses to professors not
holding a P.Eng. license.

The Dean has started his annual visits to the academic and service units.

The University is repeating its three-year planning exercise (2015-2018). Our Faculty is requesting
resources to allow us to reach average student-staff and student-space ratios typical of other
engineering schools in Ontario and Canada. We have requested to increase the operating budget by
$8M, and to obtain 30 additional staff (10 regular professors; 10 sessional lecturers, and 10 support

The Faculty is undergoing a formal space review. The last such exercise was in 2003. We have
grown considerably since then.

The Makerspace in CBY B109D has proved very popular. The Dean thanked Frank Bouchard, and
Hanan Anis. There will be an official opening on November 20th.

14.03.07 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

The Vice-Dean discussed the ad-hoc Research Advisory Committee. This will give advice on such
matters as CFI applications.

28 notices of intent were submitted for Discovery Grants. The Vice-Dean requested that professors
help their colleagues.

There was discussion of certain NSERC grants being increased retroactively.

Research Services is reviewing their processes. The Vice-Dean requested input on how services
could be improved.

There was a discussion of overhead on CRD funds coming from industry. The University is moving
to a uniform 40% overhead rate on grants and contracts.

Kathy Stafford is now in an interim role as our second research facilitator.

The Vice-Dean is working on a letter of intent with two UAE institutions, and invites professors to
contact her if they are interested.

Nomination deadlines for Distinguished University Professor and the Young Researcher Award are
coming up.

Negotiations have been on-going for two NSERC chairs.

14.03.08 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

The Interim Vice-Dean gave an update on scholarships. He reminded professors to provide good
reference letters. Between two and three international scholarships are expected to be available in
our Faculty.
Once again we are experiencing record application and registration numbers.

There was a welcome event for graduate students. The graduate studies open house is coming up.

Nov 18th is the date of the Excellence Breakfast.

The OGS deadline is Dec 1. The NSERC deadline for Canadians is Oct 31.

14.03.09 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice Dean was travelling and submitted a written report.

14.03.10 Other Business

E. Dubois thanked Catherine Mavriplis for her work and her presentation.
The meeting was adjourned at 15:35, The next meeting is Dec 2.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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